Aug. 22, 2006

Photo Gallery

Jim Tressel, Ohio State Head Coach
On the crowd turnout
“It was a great experience for our guys. They were talking and saying they could not hear at the line of scrimmage. That compromised the game a little bit, but they were looking in the lights and catching passes. It just shows the respect we have. A lot of people care about Ohio State football.”

On starting positions
“The first to third games of the season, we are going to play a lot of guys. No. 1, we want to see who can play on game day. No. 2, it’s going to be warm at 2:30 on the first game and warm at seven o’clock at night in Texas. We want to see how the guys play and everyone deserves a shot.”

On the atmosphere of a night practice
“Most of our guys have played under lights before in high school. Our upperclassmen suggested to do this and the juices got flowing. A lot of people came, got autographs and everyone had a great time.”

On the autograph session
“We went a half-hour longer than scheduled, so it was not hard to stop. But we had work to do. Our guys gave a lot of time and lots of people got a turn. I saw a lot of stuff come through that had lots of autographs on it, so people got around the stadium.”

On the surprise appearance of The Ohio State Marching Band
“I talked to (band director) John Woods before the practice and he said he has heard our guys sing and that they needed practice on Carmen Ohio.”