Aug. 19, 2004

Senior tailback Maurice Hall
On his health:
“I feel good. I feel 100 percent better than I did last year at this time. I have always planned on having a big year my senior year. This is the year of the running backs. We are a veteran team on the offensive side of the ball. We look forward to having a great year.”

On the team’s leadership:
“I think the best thing about our leadership is that not only do we have seniors but we have juniors who want to be leaders. That is going to do nothing but help our team. We have a lot of guys that want to step up and help lead this team.”

On battling injuries last season as a junior:
“It was frustrating last year. The more I played the worse it got. It was really disappointing because I had a lot of goals I wanted to achieve last year. I thank God I have another year and I am going to come back.”

Junior fullback Brandon Schnittker
On progress during practices:
“We are getting better every day. We have a lot of young guys that are getting used to playing with each other. Last year we had guys who had been playing with each for two full years. Practice is fast and there is a lot of competition. But things are going well and we are excited.”

On Saturday’s jersey scrimmage:
“It is an opportunity to let the offense see where we are. We only have two weeks until our first game so we need to be ready to play in a game situation. A lot of it is to see who is going to be able to play 8-10 play periods. The scrimmage is to see who is able to play in game situations.”

Senior linebacker Thomas Matthews
On the linebacker rotation:
“Everybody gets to rotate. We go real hard on defense and those extra bodies help a lot. It also helps the young guys because they get to learn. If we make a mistake the young guys can go out there and try to correct it.”