Aug. 17, 2004

Senior flanker Bam Childress
On this weekend’s scrimmage
“The scrimmage this weekend will be the first attempt at showing the coaches what we can do. It is going to be all out and full contact. Coaches are treating this like a real game in hopes to find who the players are. We all are excited and ready to have fun on Saturday.”

On the team
“We look good so far. We are united and working hard. Also, we are focused and coming together. Both our offense and defense are showing promise. We just need to keep up the pace and not get behind in our progression.”

Senior tailback Lydell Ross
On kicker Mike Nugent
“Mike is a tremendous player. He really gives our team added confidence. It is always good to know he will be there to perform his job when he is called. As in past years, I know he will be a difference maker in some of our games.”

On the offense
“Our offense has shown promise over the past few days. There are a few inexperienced players out there but they are coming into their own. I think we will only continue to get better as the weeks progress and will be ready for Sept. 4.”