Aug. 16, 2003

On his thoughts on the scrimmage
“I haven’t seen the film yet but I thought it was a good scrimmage. We showed some life and some spring. It meant a lot to the guys as to who won the scrimmage. You’re always a little concerned about injuries, but I thought we came out of today’s scrimmage relatively okay. Today proved that when you give away turnovers you lose and when you get turnovers you win.”

On the progress of the 2003 Buckeyes compared to the 2002 team
“We have a long way to go from a maturity standpoint. I don’t think we’re better than last year’s team yet, but we might be deeper. We have more guys contributing at this point.”

On an apparent injury to Craig Krenzel
“It looked like Will Smith came around the end and when Craig threw his arm came down and hit Will, but Craig came back in later. Injuries are the thing you worry most about, but you still have to train.”

Thoughts on the running backs
“I don’t feel great about (the injuries to Maurice Hall and Lydell Ross), that’s for sure, but there’s nothing you can do about it. You go with the guys you have, do what they can do, and go from there. I thought Ira Guilford played better as the day went on. He got out there the first couple plays and saw all these white shirts in his face, but he hung in there. He certainly showed that he has some ability.”

On the status of Maurice Clarett
“I thought we might have heard something by the end of the week, but I have not. So I’m not going to pretend I know. (His status) isn’t something we have sat and talked about. You just have to find out the things you don’t have any control over and go from there. He wants to be a part of this team, that’s obvious.”

On the fullback position
“Our tight ends are kind of taking the place of our fullbacks since they’re all banged up right now. We need to have that kind of flexibility.”

On the remainder of preseason camp
“We have had 14 practices so far and we get 29, although we might only use 27 if we decide to back off a little bit to get some guys healthy. I look at the preseason in two phases. First we focus on us, then we focus on our opponents. I kind of looked at this scrimmage as Washington. We were without some guys but you have to line up with who you have. That’s why you have the preseason, to get guys ready.

“From this point, you start assigning reps based on the scrimmage. The next three practices will be training sessions based on what we see on the film today. Then you have to say ‘this is who we are.’ When you start assigning reps that can be a difficult adjustment for some players, but that time is coming.

“We have a kick scrimmage Wednesday and then we have a rehearsal scrimmage Friday. Between those two scrimmages we start working on our opponents.”