Aug. 14, 2003

Robert Reynolds, senior linebacker
On the injuries that have occured during camp:
“Everyone has bumps and bruises right now, but I feel like by the time camp is over we will be pretty healthy.”

On what he brings to his position:
“I think I might bring a little bit of quickness and speed, maybe a little bit more than Matt Wilhelm did. Matt was a smart player though and that’s what got him to where he is today. If I can pick up the defense like he did, I feel like I will be ok.”

Adrien Clarke, senior offensive guard
On how he is preparing himself for the upcoming season:
“I have prepared myself mentally and have gotten on a better diet, with better eating habits. I have also worked out a lot more and realized that this is the year to really contribute to my team.”

On his impressions of practice:
“Practice has been going very well. We pretty much have our whole play book in as of right now and that’s after only about three or four practices.”

Alex Stepanovich, senior center
On the benifits of the first scrimmage:
“For me, the first scrimmage gets me back into the game mentally. We are able to run a lot more and it really gets your heart pumping. It gets me back into the flow of the game.”

On what it means to be mentally prepared:
“You need to know what you’re doing. You have to understand that you’re going to make mistakes and to just let it go. When you get into game, there’s so many things going on and sometimes inches count. It’s really about realizing what’s going on.”

On the effects of the heat on the team:
“Once you get out there and get that first initial sweat going you’re fine. You have to realize it’s going to be hot. I would rather have it be hot now and be prepared for it, than have a 95 degree day on our first game and not be prepared.”

Michael Jenkins, senior wide receiver
On Flanker Chris Gamble’s impact on the field:
“He is just another weapon. When guys see him come on offense they are focusing on him like maybe it is a trick play. It is definately an advantage when he is on our (offensive) side.”

What his goals are for the season:
“We want to win the Big Ten and get back to a national championship game, but we all just need to improve. Coach Tressel actually said we need to make our senior year the best season we have at Ohio State.”