Aug. 13, 2006

Jim Heacock, Defensive Coordinator/Defensive Line
On Saturday practice session
“Today is a great day, because it is our first day with pads. We’ve been in sweats lately, doing a little bit of hitting, but today is when we see who likes to hit and who really gets into it. That is what football is all about. I want to see who will go out there and get after it. I enjoy the guys who like to hit.”

On his young linebackers
“Currently, we are looking for some seperation. It’s still too early to see who the leaders are. Someone needs to step up and make some plays. We are happy with all of our young guys. Tyler Moeller has definitly made the most plays out here. But hitting takes a lot of teaching. They need to stay low, bend their knees and hold the line of scrimmage.”

On the current depth chart of the defensive line
“Right now, it is pretty close. We have our No. 1s and 2s set. As for the others, we will play all of them early until someone seperates themselves. For the first three or four games, we will let them all compete–as we have in the past–and see who pulls away.”