Aug. 12, 2004

Mark Snyder, Ohio State Defensive Coordinator
On early practices
We are pretty basic right now. We’re making sure guys are just running to the ball right now.

On freshman Ted Ginn, Jr.
He is a very talented kid. But like all freshman, he just needs to learn.

On facing former Ohio State defensive coordinator Mark Dantonio (Cincinnati head coach)
It’s going to be neat. The last few years Mark and I have been wired together. It’s going to be fun.

On having Air Force transfer Anthony Schlegel (LB) eligible
The last few years we’ve been playing on a shoe string at that position. At least now we have some depth. That position has the most experience on the team. They definitely have the most game experience.

On junior linebacker Mike D’Andrea
He is a talented player. He is very strong. He is healthy. He plays the quarterback position on defense. Learning that position just doesn’t happen overnight. The next two years people will hear a lot about Mike D’Andrea.

On the Ohio State secondary
We are very talented in the secondary but we are young and talented.

On senior linebacker Thomas Mathews
He needs to have a career year. In all the years I’ve been with Coach Tressel, we’ve been the most successful when seniors have career years. Thomas is one of those players that has to have a career best year this season.