Aug. 12, 2003

Will Allen, senior safety
On looking forward to saturday’s scrimmage:
“This game is key, because you can see what you can do and how many plays you can make. It is definitely helpful to get about 100 plays in.”

On his impressions of camp:
“It has been a hard camp. The coaches are pushing us and we are pushing ourselves to get better and better each day. There is a lot of contact and guys are starting to be more physical, because we know what it takes to be champs again.”

Craig Krenzel, senior quarterback
On flanker Chris Gamble:
“If you get to know Chris and you understand exactly what he is doing–splitting offensive reps, defensive reps and everything on special teams-to take that and comprehend the fact he is only sitting in half the meetings with each unit, and he’s still going out there and handling his assignments play-in-and-play-out, that’s an amazing thing.”

Shane Olivea, senior offensive lineman
On getting in shape:
“I have already lost 20 pounds and will lose another 15 by the first game. The offensive line is trying to get in much better shape and it will only help out the team.”

On the goals of the offensive line:
“Our goals are to be more productive. There were times last year where we felt short on yards and we just needed to push through. Basically we need to be more consistent.”

Chris Gamble, junior defensive back/receiver
On being counted on all over the field:
“On defense, I feel like I’m a leader. I try to tell the secondary to step it up and go out there and have fun.”

On the concern the safety position might be vulnerable:
“We have Nate Salley, Tyler Everett and Brandon Mitchell and by looking at them, they are doing very well. Nate Salley did very well at our (recent) practice. We will really be able to see this weekend at the scrimmage.” Will Smith, senior defensive end
On the improvement of the offensive line:
“They did a great job against Miami in the championship and a lot of the guys they played against were great athletes. I think they are improving and are also making the defensive line better.”

On facing Washington:
“We want to start out with a tough team. We are very excited about the game and hopefully we can come out with a victory.”

On the defense raising the bar from last year:
“Last year we started out with Texas Tech. They were a great offense, which scored a lot of points on a lot of people. I think that helped us in the long run, when we faced Miami at the end of the season. We became used to powerful offenses that can do a lot of different things.”