April 21, 2006

Jim Tressel, Ohio State head coach
On the final play of the kicking scrimmage
“There was a kicking scrimmage record field goal. The gray team was down, 27-25, and had one play left – a 59 yard field goal. (Aaron) Pettrey kicked a bomb shot and made it. It was pandemonium.”

On the kicking scrimmage overall
“There was a lot of competition. Ryan (Pretorius) maybe missed one. Aaron (Pettrey) had one blocked. The punters punted well. There were good returns – Teddy Ginn had a punt return for a touchdown. There were solid performances by the long snappers. It was great conditions for the game today.”

On the kickoff coverage
“We’ve been talking all spring to our kickoff coverage unit that there is a lot of pressure on them. All our balls were close to the end zone. The (weather) conditions were good. They get pumped up for this. This is their day.”

On this year’s kicking battle being similar to the 2001 season
“It could be [similar to the 2001 season]. We have to see who settles in. A lot of times when someone graduates that’s what happens. It should be interesting.”

Ryan Pretorius, sophomore kicker
On his performance in the kicking scrimmage
“I made 6-of-7 or 7-of-8, I know I missed one. All the others had good days as well. The longest one I made was in the 40s.”

On how he got started being a kicker
“I played rugby growing up and in that game you kick the ball like (a football) here. I always was kicking in rugby for my teams. I sent a letter and a tape of myself to (NFL kicker) Gary Anderson, who is from the same town in South Africa. He said I have what it takes, but I needed to come here and play in the college game.”

On the battle for the kicking position
“There is lots of pressure. You have to be solid all week. If you mess up, the next guy could be it.”

Darrell Hazell, Assistant Head Coach, Wide Receivers Coach
On Ted Ginn’s performance in scrimmage
“We saw a big return out of him today. He was only allowed one punt return, so we told him to make it good. And he did. Teddy ran the ball for 80 yards. He started in the left corner, and then broke to the right side. He’s back to his old self.”

On the overall team performance
“They are all doing a nice job. We had a good day. Once we get a chance to go back and watch the film, we’ll go from there.”

A.J. Trapasso, sophomore punter
On his current focus
“I’m working on making better solid contact with the ball. Last year, my work was average, but there were a few bad punts in the Michigan game and the Minnesota game. This year I want to be a lot better.”

Aaron Pettrey, Freshman Kicker
On his play time during scrimmage
“I did alright. Pretty good for my first time; it was good to get all my jitters out. We had a good day altogether.”

On his 59 yard field goal during scrimmage
“As soon as I hit it, I knew it had a chance. It was a good snap and I hit it down low. It was very exciting.”

On big shoes to fill as a kicker
“This is why I came here. The previous guys did a good job making a name for the kickers and special teams.”

On his scholarship
“I was just waiting for a scholarship to open up and they (Ohio State coaches) just told me to keep waiting–there would be one for me. I took a few classes at two different community colleges and finally found out last quarter that I would be receiving a scholarship. I was very relieved. It was about time, and it took off a lot of pressure.”