April 18, 2006

Head coach, Jim Tressel
On the shortened practice Friday
“Well, we didn’t get to talk on Friday so I want to make a few comments about that and update you on Tyson Gentry. We got about half of our practice in and we got a chance to watch that today. It was obviously shortened in a bad way. Tyson did have a second surgery today and he came out of that just fine. It is definitely going to be a day-by-day process.”

On the quarterbacks
“Troy is continuing to improve. He works hard. He studies hard. He wants to be a good quarterback. Justin (Zwick), Todd (Boeckman) and Rob (Schoenhoft) are going to have their opportunities. I really feel good about the progress of the quarterbacks.”

On situations like the injury of Tyson Gentry
“I haven’t really been in a situation like this one. The first game I coached we had a player die and that was absolutely horrible. It is a tough thing to go through and, hopefully, we will continue to make progress each day.”

Todd Boeckman, sophomore quarterback
On injuries at practice
“I’ve been playing for 10 years now. I know what to expect and I know that it’s a contact sport. As a quarterback I know I’m going to get it, but you have to go out and do what you can.”

On his development over the past three years
“I know the system now, so I’m out here pushing everyone on the field. I feel I have the ability to scramble and gain extra yards, and I feel more confident. As a team, we’re trying to fine tune ourselves. I go out and do whatever the coaches ask of me, and Justin (Zwick) and Robbie (Schoenhoft) are doing the same thing. We’re putting ourselves in the right position.”

Troy Smith, senior quarterback
On anticipating his final year
“I feel like I’ve grown up in front of everyone – from this knucklehead kid to a wise senior leader. It’s not a walk in the park to be in the starting position. I start to get hard on myself and I still have things to work on and develop as a quartback.”

On leading the team
“We have a long way to go, but there is a comfort level and I’m comfortable with myself. It makes me a cool (collected) player, but I’m nothing without my teammates. I try to stay the course and develop with the team because the most successful players stay and move along with the team.”