April 13, 2006

Luke Fickell, Co-Defensive Coordinator and Linebackers coach
On losing all three starting linebacker from last season
“It is tough. It is always tough when you lose guys like that. The guys we have now are good, they just need to get a chance to play and show what they can do.”

On depth at linebacker
“I think that we are very deep right now. I think any one of these seven guys we have right now could start. All of them are really stepping it up.”

On the defense
“Everyone is working really hard right now. There are a lot of spots to fill and a lot of these guys have a shot a starting.”

On the defense this season
“I don’t think that we are going to change our approach. Last year we did what those guys did best. This year we are going to do what these guys do best and put them in a position to make plays.”

Mike D’Andrea, senior linebacker
On being a senior leader
“These guys don’t really need a teacher to show them what to do. They are all great football players. I just go out and do my best and they do the same.”

Larry Grant, freshman linebacker
On the transition into college football
“The game is a lot faster. After making the transfer from junior college to Ohio State, the game is more intense and there is more thinking involved. I’m not worried about playing third team, I’m just learning in the spring.”

On his place in the defense
“I’m working on my technique, and slowly learning and molding myself into the defense everyday. I have to form a chemistry with the defense. I felt like an outsider, but everyday I feel more like a part of the family.”

John Kerr, fifth-year senior linebacker
On playing on the special teams the 2005 season
“I learned persistence and perseverance. I knew coming into the season I would be a member of the special teams, and that was my way to get out on the field and play my best. Sitting behind the great linebackers of last year builds character.”

On being a leader
“In games I’m vocal because something flips inside me at games that doesn’t at practices. Part of being a leader is allowing guys to be themselves, and making a brotherhood.”