April 1, 2006

Jim Bollman Offensive Coordinator
On the first day in pads
“It is a fun day. We won’t get to see how well we did until we get a chance to sit down and look at the film but I’m sure there will be some good and some bad.”

On the offensive line
“Right now we have the left guard and center spots open. I think Doug Datish could be the leading candidate for both but a lot of these young guys are really getting after it.”

On Alex Boone
“Kirk (Barton) going down last year for a few games has really turned out to be a blessing because it gave Boone some great game experience.”

On spring practice
“No matter what you always have to start at square one. Every one of these guys knows how to play. We just have to see who plays the best together.”

Doug Datish senior center
On the first day in pads
“It was a good day. It was a physical day and it is great to be back and hitting again.”

On the team
“It is a different team from last year. The offense is good and everyone knows that but our defense is going to be really good as well. Our defense will always be good because our coaches are really good.”

T.J. Downing, senior offensive guard
On the young offensive line
“They are all playing well right now. They are really getting after it for the two outside line spots.”

On his offseason
“For me I have just tried to get stronger and maintain my speed. You can’t just stay at the same level. You always have to be getting better.”

Kirk Barton, senior offensive tackle
On the offense
“Troy (Smith) became our leader last year and it’s good that (Antonio) Pittman is out for a little because it really gives us a chance to look at some other guys and gain some depth.”

On Chris Wells
“He is a big thick guy that really runs hard all the time. He is getting some reps right now and really hopes he can help us out in the fall.”