Jim Tressel, head coach
On the scrimmage
“We got about 125 plays in; we were looking to get in between 120 and 135 so it worked out well. I am anxious to see the film to look at how some guys are coming along. There are a few obvious things; Brandon Saine is getting more comfortable with his position and is going to be a good receiver for us as well. Boom Herron is also coming along.”

On the quarterbacks
“I thought Todd (Boeckman) played pretty well. He came up with some big throws. As a quarterback if you can come up with some big plays you are going to win some games. Overall, I thought Todd played well and the other guys played average.”

On Brian Hartline
“Brian loves to compete. He wants to win every game and he wants to win every play he is in on. When he is not in the game he is yelling at the younger guys from the sideline, helping them out. He is just about the most competitive guy I have been around.”

On the fullback position
“We like Curtis (Terry). He has a little bit of size and a little know-how. We wanted him to work a lot at fullback so he did not have to start from scratch going into camp. We have also gotten a few other guys some reps, including (Austin) Spitler. We will have to evaluate that position after spring.”

Malcolm Jenkins, senior cornerback
On the scrimmage
“As a defense we wanted to force some turnovers. That has been our focus the whole spring season and is something we will continue to work on. We have to work on not dropping interceptions and being more aggressive going after the ball.”

On the defensive loss today
“We blew a few coverages and did not get as many turnovers as we needed to. The key to a defensive win is turnovers and we just did not get them today.”

On the defensive depth
“I think out depth shown today. When we stuck someone else in there, we got the same amount of plays and the same amount of productions. Shaun Lane is improving constantly; he is getting in there and getting a lot of tackles.”

Curtis Terry, senior linebacker/fullback
On moving to full back
“I have been here a long time. They know I have a grasp on the defense. They are now just trying to get me some reps on the offensive side of the ball to see if I can help out at all.”

On the scrimmage
“It felt good to run out in the flat and catch a pass. Playing fullback has given me new respect for the guys that do it all the time. You have to be able to do everything as a fullback.”

Todd Boeckman, senior quarterback
On practice
“I feel like I have really stepped in as a leader. With all of the experience and confidence I gained last season, now I need to work on doing the little things.”

On what he has learned this spring
“I have learned a lot about check downs and just working on doing the little things better each day. I can’t take sacks; I have to find my check downs because they can make plays.”

James Laurinaitis, senior linebacker
On the open linebacker position
“It has been really exciting to see what is unfolding in practice. It changes on a daily basis. We have been able to make some unique combinations. Jermale Hines, Curtis Terry and Tyler Moeller have been stepping it up and creating some good competition in practice.”

On Brandon Saine
“He is a very physical runner and turned it up a lot today. He did and will continue to do a great job for the offense and it is exciting to see him progress.”