Brian Hartline, sophomore wide receiver
On helping the seniors go 4-0 against Michigan
“After losing on Saturday, we all apologized to the seniors. Now, this is the Michigan game and it is make or break. This game can’t get any more important than this.”

On Todd Boeckman
“It was a good test for him on Saturday and this week it will be even more of a test. He has to play real well for us. It will be good to see how the team bounces back after the loss, not just Todd.”

On handling a loss
“It isn’t that difficult for me. What we need to do now is watch film, close a chapter and move on. We have a big game coming up and we need to move forward.”

On the momentum going into the Michigan game
“We realize that every game against this team is going to be difficult. The game is important as it always it. It doesn’t matter if have won three in a row. Michigan has even more of a reason to want to beat us and we have to play our best game.”

Kirk Barton, senior right tackle
On recovering from the loss
“We’re already up because it’s Michigan week. There’s a lot on the line. We’re already trying to move on and focus on the week ahead.”

On Michigan week traditions
“Mirror Lake is a pretty big tradition because the students jump into it. It’s my last time as a student that I’ll be able to experience it. That’s pretty big event and it’s neat to see.”

On the Illinois game
“We missed a lot of opportunities. There are plays we wish we had back. Illinois played a good game.”

Marcus Freeman, junior linebacker
On Michigan
“Despite the two losses early in the season, they’re a great team. Senior leadership is what they needed after those tough few losses and that is exactly what they have. They had guys put their foot down and they’ve responded well.”

On his mood going into the game
“I’m real anxious. I just want to put the loss behind us. When we get to Ann Arbor we’re going to be totally focused on the game.”

On Michigan Stadium
“I redshirted in 2005, so I haven’t played there. I know it’s the biggest stadium in the country and the guys who have played there said that it is going to be crazy and a great atmosphere. I’m looking forward to playing there.”

Cameron Heyward, freshman defensive lineman
On playing in Michigan Stadium
“This will be one of the best games of the year. We have to be prepared for not only a good Michigan team, but also a hostile environment in the Big House. There will be a lot of ruckus so we better come with everything we have.”

Donald Washington, sophomore defensive back
On moving forward after last week’s loss to Illinois
“Last week didn’t go the way we wanted it to, but we have another week to get better. There’s still life after last week. This is a time when we have to come together as a team, and I’m confident that we’ll put it together.”

On the defense
“On defense, we pride ourselves on flying around and making big plays and we didn’t do that as much last week. All of our mistakes are correctable. We did good things and made plays last week, but they just made more. We just need to get back to playing Ohio State football.”

On defending Michigan wide receiver Mario Manningham
“He’s playing real well and making a lot of big plays. I just expect us to go out and play our defense. We’re confident that whoever goes against him will do a good job.”

Brett Daly, senior defensive lineman
On the emotions going into the Michigan game
“Well, I’m interviewing with their medical school on Friday so its going to be interesting. If I get accepted, it will definitely be ironic.”

A.J. Trapasso, junior punter
On preparing for the Michigan game
“It was a let down after losing because we feel we still haven’t played the game we want to play. But, we have to stay focused on what lies ahead.”

On the potential of playing in the Rose Bowl
“It isn’t the BCS Championship game but the tradition of the Rose Bowl is great and we hope to be a part of that greatness. There have been so many great Ohio State teams that have played in it. It would be nice to finish the season in that bowl.”

On the Michigan week events on campus
“It is fun and a great privilege to be a part of what goes on during this week. It will never get old. It is something our fans enjoy and take much pride in keeping up the traditions. Being a part of this week is such a great experience.”