Jake Stoneburner, sophomore tight end
On the intensity of camp
“This camp has a little bit different feel than in the past. Everyone seems to be focused in and ready to put in the extra work that is necessary to get to the next level. We all feel that we have a chance to have a special season, so we’re extra motivated to make it happen.”

On his role in the passing game
“I know we want to throw it more this season, so I would expect that if we have 25 to 30 passes a game, at least a couple will come in my direction.”

On the expectations of the use of the tight end in the offense
“I get kind of tired of being asked if this is the year the tight ends will get the ball more. However, I really do think that we will be seeing the ball more this season. Coach Tressel has more confidence in Terrelle and the tight ends coming into the fall, so I definitely think we will be more involved.”

Orhian Johnson, sophomore defensive back
On the Miami game
“I’d love to say it’s just another game, but as a Florida guy I’m really looking forward to the challenge of playing against a team that I followed growing up. I try not to look too far ahead because Marshall is our first priority, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t excited to play them.”

Ken Guiton, freshman quarterback
On his spring season
“I felt really good about my performance during the spring. I think I showed the coaches that I could be the guy one day.”

On his relationship with Terrelle Pryor
“Terrelle and I are really close. We worked hard together this summer to get prepared for the season, and I think you’ll see improvement from both of us this fall.”

Etienne Sabino, junior linebacker
On his familiarity with the defense as a junior
“Everything just feels like second nature to me now. I feel much more comfortable in my role in the defense and much more confident in my abilities.”

On fellow linebackers Brian Rolle and Ross Homan
“B-Rolle is exactly the same off the field as he is on it, a high-energy and crazy ‘spark plug.’ Ross is a lot more laid back, but he cracks his jokes every once in awhile. They’re both good guys and great teammates. I enjoy playing with them both.”

Tyler Moeller, senior linebacker
On getting back on the field after missing the 2009 season
“It’s going to feel really good to be able to get out on the field and hit somebody. I’m really looking forward to it.”

On his emotional past year
“I feel like I’ve been on a rollercoaster ride. I’ve had my ups and my downs, but I’m so thankful and blessed to be here doing what I love to do.”

Carlos Hyde, freshman running back
On his place on the depth chart
“I think we have seven backs or so this fall, so I don’t know exactly where I stand. I’m just going to go with the flow and try to contribute anyway I can.”

On his abilities as a running back
“I’m a hard, physical runner, but I also have a lot of speed and I’m able to break away from the pack.”

Storm Klein, sophomore linebacker
On dealing with the heat at camp
“It’s been tough and it’s kind of slowed everyone down, but you’ve just got to learn to adapt. We have to practice regardless of the weather, so we just have to keep hydrated and get used to it.”

On his role on the defense
“I graduated early from high school, so I’ve been here awhile and know the ropes. I feel like a veteran, so I’m helping the younger guys out as much as I can.”

John Simon, sophomore defensive lineman
On the defensive line’s depth
“Everyone on our unit is talented and has been stepping up and working hard. We are all motivated to get out on to the field and contribute and we’re all capable of doing so.”

On playing for Ohio State
“Being here really is a dream come true. I always wanted to be a college football player when I was younger, so it feels great to be here and to have a great group of guys supporting me.”

Zach Boren, sophomore running back
On having a year under his belt and continuing to improve
“We have a real veteran group. We just need to fine tune and get a little faster. This year is different, I have more experience. Coming in last year I only had camp. Now, I can go through game film from last year and fix things like handwork and footwork.”

On being at camp with his brother Justin
“It’s nice having a family member there when times get rough.”

Adam Homan, sophomore running back
On support from his brother Ross
“Camp can have its ups and downs and it’s nice to have someone there to pick you up.”

On the upcoming season
“You just have to take each game, each week one at a time. You have to think of the future, not of the past and what we’ll do differently and what we’ll do better.”

Verlon Reed, freshman wide receiver
On his expectations
“I’m just going to go and do what I’m asked. The coaches put you where they think you’re best at.  I’m just going to go out and do what I have to do.”

On playing in 90 plus temperatures during camp
“That’s why we stay hydrated and cool so we don’t cramp up. The coaches make sure we do that. But it does make it tougher and you have to have the right mindset.”

On his first media day
“It’s a humbling experience. I’ve dreamed of this moment for a long time and I’m soaking it in and enjoying it with my friends and family.”

J.B. Shugarts, junior offensive lineman
On Terrelle Pryor
“He’s a great leader. He encourages the o-line and takes control of the huddle. If something isn’t going right he’ll tell you so he can go back and make some plays.”

Michael Brewster, junior offensive lineman
On the growth of the junior class
“If you took a picture of where we are today from where we were as freshmen, you’ve seen how much we’ve developed physically and mentally.  We have a different outlook on the game. It’s less about individual accomplishments and more about the team.”

On expectations for the upcoming season
“I know we have the talent to beat everyone on our schedule. We just have to take it one game at a time and remember that our first priority is Marshall.”

On continuing to improve
“I definitely think we’ve come a long way, even since the Rose Bowl. There are so many little things with technique that everyone has really picked up on this summer.”