Oct. 22, 2002

Head Coach Jim Tressel
On game vs. Wisconsin
“There are some things we have to do better. On of the things that made the coaches feel good is when it came down to crunch time in the fourth quarter, our guys stepped up. Defensively we gave up no yards rushing and offensively we took the ball down the field and scored and we were able to finish the game with the ball in our hands. There was a good feeling about everybody hanging tough, everyone believed everybody being positive and finding a way to come up with a Big Ten win.”

On the defense vs. Wisconsin
“It was our first ball game against a run-first team and the first opportunity for our guys to strap it up and go after it. We haven’t faced a team like that yet and as the game progressed, we got better. When it came down to in the fourth quarter, our defense was able to hold their running game.”

On the offense vs. Wisconsin
“We did not play offensively near what we are going to have to play. We weren’t consistent. There were moments where we would make some good plays, and then there were moments where we wouldn’t execute. We were not pleased with the consistency. We feel that is the measuring stick of how good you are.”

On next game vs. Penn State
“We have a tremendous challenge coming into Ohio State. Penn State is very mature, they have been there, they have had ups and downs and they have big playmakers on the offensive side. Defensively, they have the most mature and tough front that we have seen. They are very experienced group that has seen every type of offensive. They have been there, they have been in the big ballgames and they are an outstanding group. They have made big thing happen on special teams. Obviously we are playing a football team that has good things across the board.”

“We are excited about playing at home, we are excited about playing a Big Ten game and are going to work this week with the understanding that we are going to have to improve from our last outing if we are going to do a good job at home.” On Penn State’s effectiveness in stopping the rush:
“They are one of the top teams against the rush. They are just very strong, physical, smart, and they are veterans. They know what they’re doing and put a lot of pressure on you with the pass rush. They are one of the very good defenses in our league.”

On Ohio State’s undefeated record:
“We knew that we weren’t guaranteed anything other than the fact that we know that if we don’t win every game it’s a non-issue anyway. With that in mind, we’ve got to focus on winning every game. We have only played 8 games. That is little more than half the year. They asked me on the Big Ten media call, would we be outraged if we (win out and are not in BCS title game). Football is not something to get outraged about. I would be outraged if we don’t play well on Saturday, maybe more than if we don’t win every game.”

Punter Andy Groom
On Ohio State’s No. 6 BCS rank
“I saw that we were No. 6 in it. Really, it doesn’t mean anything in October. All we have to worry about is to keep on winning.”

On his 74-yard punt at the Wisconsin game
“I knew it was gone. I saw the guy playing me around 45-50 yards and I had some wind behind me so I wasn’t worried about getting good hang time. I just wanted to rifle it to one end of the field.”

Wide receiver Michael Jenkins
On Ohio State’s No. 6 BCS rank
“It is not really a big factor right now; we just have to continue winning the games.”

Safety Michael Doss
On Ohio State’s No. 6 BCS rank
“It is only October and we have five games left. These up and coming weeks are the most important for the Buckeyes, especially Saturday. In the end whatever the BCS says that’s what it says. We know Ohio State has to keep winning.”

On Penn State game
“What we are thinking about is what we got going right now. We have a big challenge Saturday and we are looking forward to it.”