Oct. 1, 2002

Jim Tressel
On the Indiana game:
“As we open the Big Ten we faced a very well prepared Indiana football team. They came in with real good thoughts on the offensive side. We new they had a veteran offensive line and they were committed to running the football in which they did a great job with their play action schemes. They gave us some problems from a man-to-man standpoint and snuck some people out and made some good plays against us.”

“The turn in the tide of the football game occurred with a few special teams plays. Obviously, the fake punt in the beginning re-established some field position for us. Unfortunately, we did not cash in but the special teams play that followed was a downed punt on the 7-yard line, which put Indiana in a tough situation. We got the ball back after that on the 50-yard line and had a chance to score. Later on we had a downed punt on the 15-yard line we got the ball back, had great field position and a chance to score. Obviously the blocked punt was huge after we had come out and scored on our first possession in the second half and blocked a punt and scored again quickly. Then with completing a 51-yard field goal was icing on the cake. I think if you looked at the football game the special teams made a huge impact.”

On special teams player of the week:
“Andy Groom put down those two punts for us to establish great field position. He did a great job holding both the PATs, the field goal and has been solid leading in that special teams area.”

On the offensive player of the week:
“Michael Jenkins had seven catches, had two TD catches and continues to be a tremendous threat.”

On Simon Fraser:
“Simon played an outstanding game. He was able to knock down a couple passes, had some quarterback hurries, tackles-for-losses and did an excellent job as a starter.”

On the OSU defense:
“After we squared away a couple of things that were new to us, I thought we took control of the game. What we always want to do is make sure the opposing team can’t beat us running. If they are going to beat us they need to beat us passing. I think we have the kind of people that can put pressure and take care of that sort of problem. As the game went on our defense established themselves.”

On the OSU offense:
“Offensively we wanted to come out and show them some different things. We knew they were a young group, a sound group, but we wanted to give them a lot to think about. Football is a game of pressure and the matter of who’s putting pressure on whom. We understand we need to be a team that can attack a lot of different ways if we want to end being a good offensive team.”

On quarterback Craig Krenzel:
“Craig played sharp, I thought he threw the ball better than he had in the last few games. Part of it was due to our pass protection, which was outstanding. This makes playing that position a lot easier if you can keep your feet right where you want and not have to move your feet around to get away from the rush. His decision-making and understanding of what we were doing and play calling on the line of scrimmage are all things that will improve his confidence and focus for future games.”

On DT Tim Anderson
“Tim, from what I understand, is questionable. I don’t know that he’ll work much today, we will see how he does.”

On Kenny Peterson not starting last week
“Kenny had missed practice on Tuesday and Wednesday. He was sick. He went home sick on Tuesday and he missed all of Wednesday. He did practice Thursday but he had the flu, possibly. He just didn’t get as much work. I know we as coaches don’t get caught up in all of this stuff about who starts but maybe the players do. We get caught up in how many plays does a guy play during a game and I think Kenny probably got fifty (vs. IU). Fortunately, he was back healthy.”

On Lydell Ross
“I think Lydell adds a little different dimension to our team. I think he does a great job catching the football and he is a good tempo change. I know that if you have a tailback scenario that gives a defense different problems, that it is hard to adjust to the middle of the stream. I think that Lydell gives you something in our offense, his ability to make people miss is extraordinary,” Tressel said.

On the run
“We only had the ball 39 times run-wise, four or five of them were run by Craig (Krenzel). The moment called for what our coaches did during the game I thought, especially when you don’t know what the moment is going to call for,” Tressel said.

On Maurice Clarett
“He catches the ball well and he obviously runs the ball well whether inside or out. I want him and Lydell to want the ball. The characteristics of our players are the fact that they want the ball and they want to play. He has never come into my office and said to me that he wants the ball more, he does what the team needs,” Tressel said.

On Rob Sims and Nick Mangold
“It was really their first significant playing time and we were really pleased,” Tressel said. “They practiced well. That’s why they got a chance to play. Rob Sims probably played 90 percent or more at left tackle. As for technique, he worked very hard on it. Some of the different things were hard that maybe he hadn’t seen before like the pass rush game, the stunts and so forth. Now he’s faced them in a real live situations rather than talking about them or just going through them”

On Nick Mangold
“Nick Mangold is a guy I think every since he’s been here has been very comfortable with being here playing football, playing center, giving directions,” Tressel said. “He did have the good fortune of Alex Stephanovich being right next to him and whispering if he happened to make the wrong line call, but that’s a part of the veterans helping.”

On injuries
“Obvisouly, Rob Sims will get a lot of work because I don’t think Ivan Douglas is a 100 percent. I don’t think Ivan will get much work today but I think he’ll get a lot of work tommorow. Nick Mangold will probably get significant work. Mike Strafford is in the same boat (as Douglas). I don’t know if (Stafford) will get a whole bunch of work today, but we’d like to think that by Wednesday he’d be ready to roll,” Tressel said.

On line play of Bryce Bishop
“Jim Bowman said Bryce Bishop perhaps played as well and as much as he had all year and Adrien Clark got to play a little more, so a number of guys got in there. You’d like to see eight or nine guys that it really doesn’t matter who you have in there. That is what you shoot for,” Tressel said.

On Maurice Clarett vs. Indiana
“He had his stitches that had to get repaired. Dr. Bob Murphy came into my office yesterday and reminded me that they would take 21 days to heal. He said not to worry but just to be aware that it would take that long for them to heal. As far as knee structure, I think he has come along very well. He has showed similar strength to what he had, especially with him not working out as much football-wise the last 10 or 12 days,” Tressel said. “I thought he did well and was excited to be back out there.”

Simon Fraser and Michael Jenkins
On preparing for a night game
“The coaching staff keeps us real busy all day long. We try to keep a normal routine and get up early so our bodies don’t get tired and worn out,” Frazier said.

“The coaches have us in meetings, so we stay busy with that,” Jenkins said. “We try to get focus on the game and watch some other games to see some things that go on and just be ready for our game.”

DE Simon Fraser
on play of DE/DT Darrion Scott
Darrion played a lot of tackle last year and is able to create a lot of mismatches going up against centers and guards. His strength and athletic ability, I like to believe, helps him to create those mismatches and gives us a chance to get a lot of pressure up the middle. I think that David Thompson also has brought that edge to our defensive line as well. He stepped up and I think he did a really fine job. We have about three or four guys who help us inside and out, so that gives us some depth,” Fraser said.