Aug. 14, 2000

Junior Defensive Tackle Ryan Pickett
“Everybody wants to forget about last season and has worked as hard as they could this summer so we won’t have another season like that. Everyone put themselves on track-everyone had the same goals [this summer] and everyone still has the same goals.”

“This summer we worked on a lot of things like pass rushing and I think we’re ready.”

Head Coach John Cooper
“Three-a-days drag at times but as coaches we can’t let that happen. When you work with a lot of players like we’re doing and throw a lot at them, obviously you’re going to have some surprises, you’re going to have some disappointments. I’ve been at it long enough to know that this time of year you just keep plugging along.”

“We haven’t made too many changes offensively. We’re just trying to do the little things a little better-protect the football, block a little better, tackle a little better than we did a year ago.”

“The mood right now is this is a necessary evil you have to go through. Nobody likes three-a-day practice sessions. It gets hot, you get tired and you start feeling a little bit sorry for yourself. Some of the young pups are away from home for the first time, going through that period of being homesick, but that’s the price you pay playing football for Ohio State.”

“I don’t get too high on them until they put the pads on. Sometimes a guy looks good running around without pads but football’s a contact sport. We’ll find out who can play when we start scrimmaging.”