A.J. Trapasso, senior punter
On the spring
“This spring was a good time to work on some things. There were two pooch punting techniques I wanted to work on and I feel like I accomplished that.”

On fake punts
“We had a decent one today. I just hope the coaches see that I’m not afraid to run.”

On Aaron Pettrey
“He’s kicking the ball really well. He has a huge leg and it’s nice to see him bounce back from last season.”

Jake McQuaide, sophomore long snapper
On the upcoming season
“I feel like I got my rookie jitters out last season. Going into this season, I feel like I’m completely ready to go, like I’m a veteran.”

On the spring
“I’ve working in the weight room and, long snapping wise, I’ve been trying to get consistent. I feel like every snap should be perfect. We are totally capable of doing that.”
Ryan Pretorius, senior kicker
On technique
“I haven’t changed my technique. I just try to get the ball as high as I possibly can. I want the kicks to be perfect, that’s why we practice them.”

On growing as a kicker
“You have to build on confidence and I’m extremely confident. I’m blessed with good holders and great snappers. We’ll be solid this year.”

Aaron Pettrey, junior kicker
On punting
“When I’m punting, I’m mainly thinking to try and kick the ball a little higher so that it will go farther.”

Coach Chad Rogosheske
On last year
“The general thought was that we weren’t as good last year on special teams as we had expected. We’re trying to get back to basics and focus on the core of how we teach it. With punting formation, we try to give special teams a game plan.”