Feb. 24, 2013

COLUMBUS, Ohio  The Ohio State fencing team hosted the U.S. Collegiate Squad Championships in French Field House Sunday with five Buckeye weapon squads garnering medals. The women’s team earned silver medals in all three weapon categories – epee, foil, and sabre – while the men brought home gold in foil and epee.   The Ohio State men’s epee squad, consisting of seniors Daniel Tafoya, Narayan Pathi, and Marco Canevari, and junior Kristian Boyadzhiev, defeated No. 8 Pennsylvania 45-22 in the semifinals to advance to the final round, where they battled Sacred Heart and came out on top, 45-33. Tafoya, Pathi, and Boyadzhiev were all returners to the championships after claiming bronze as a squad last season.   The women’s epee unit downed No. 10 Pennsylvania in the semifinals, 45-32, but fell to No. 2 Princeton, 31-45 in the final round to clinch the silver medal. Senior Katarzyna Dabrowa led the group with 37 touches on the day. Other members of the squad include freshman Becca Rutan and senior Tasha Domashovetz.   The Buckeye foilists won a close bout against NYU 45-44 and then defeated Sacred Heart 45-37 to claim the gold medal. Ohio State fencers in the gold-winning foil squad include Sam Hardwicke-Brown, Chris Colley, and Zain Shaito.   The women’s foil team battled closely against No. 10 Pennsylvania in the final round. After the two squads were tied when the clock ran out, they were given one more minute to fence. Luona Wang, of Penn, made the last touch against Ohio State’s Mai Shaito to garner the gold medal for her team. Shaito, along with her sister Mona and teammates Nina Stackhouse and Kyjah Coryat brought home the silver medal.   Senior Max Stearns led the men’s sabre squad with a strong performance. He achieved 40 of the squad’s 71 total touches. Teammates Bill Meyer and Andrew McDonald battled alongside Stearns but the group fell 45-30 to North Carolina in the semi-finals and 45-41 to NYU in the bronze-medal bout to finish fourth overall.   The silver-winning women’s sabre squad consisted of Chelsea Martinez, Celina Merza, Alison Miller, and Sterling Streb. The four Buckeyes defeated North Carolina 45-24 to advance to the finals. There, they lost 45-29  in a bout with No. 2 Princeton.   Both the Ohio State men’s and women’s teams claimed the overall title on the day. They return to the strips on Mar. 2-3 for the Midwest Conference Championships in South Bend, Ind.     U.S. Collegiate Squad Championships Feb. 24, 2013 Columbus, Ohio   Men’s Sabre 1. Penn 2. North Carolina 3. NYU 4. Ohio State   Men’s Foil 1. Ohio State 2. Sacred Heart 3. Penn 4. NYU 5. Drew 6. North Carolina   Men’s Epee 1. Ohio State 2. Sacred Heart 3. Penn 4. Princeton 5. NYU 6. North Carolina   Women’s Sabre 1. Princeton 2. Ohio State 3. North Carolina 4. Northwestern 5. Penn 6. NYU   Women’s Foil 1. Penn 2. Ohio State 3. Northwestern 4. NYU 5. North Carolina   Women’s Epee 1. Princeton 2. Ohio State 3. Northwestern 4. Penn 5. Sacred Heart 6. North Carolina 7. NYU