July 19, 2019

Final Huntington Bucks Go Pro Update


Welcome to the Huntington Bucks Go Pro bi-weekly update with Lindsay Epstein and Ali Beekhuizen. We are sad to say this is our last update of the summer. We know we speak for all of the HBGP interns when we say we are so grateful to everyone who has made this internship possible! This includes Huntington Bank, Ohio State Athletics, Gene Smith, SASSO, and others who volunteered their time to make this an unforgettable experience. Additionally, we want to thank all of the supervisors who so generously take time out of their work days to guide us through what they do and help us become independent in those activities. We would personally like to thank our supervisor, Kyle Kuhlman, and the rest of the communications team, for helping us grow as professionals and as people. Thank you for radiating positive energy and support every day, we’ll definitely miss being around the office!

This internship program has offered so much more than professional work experience. We have gained a new found appreciation for how much work goes into making everything possible for the student-athletes at Ohio State. Next time we see a social media post, website update, or an event being held, we will be sure to think of the person behind it who worked hard to make it possible!

Additionally, the friendships we have made during the process are some that we will keep for the rest of our lives. We usually don’t get exposure to such a wide-variety of sports teams, so it’s exciting to walk away with new friendships and memories.

Through the professional development sessions and real-life work experience, we feel so much more confident as we move forward in our careers. We feel an unlimited amount of gratitude to be a part of Ohio State Athletics, who go above and beyond to give student-athletes this unbeatable experience.

July 15

On this day we met with Dr. Mark Ankerman, senior lecturer in the Fischer College of Business, who joined us to give feedback on our mock presentations as well as public speaking tips. Dr. Ankerman specializes in communication and presentation skills as well as HR training. Before we presented a trial run of our presentations, Dr. Ankerman taught us the do’s and don’ts of public speaking. There are many mistakes we are so used to making we don’t even realize it anymore! For example, there are filler words like “um, “uh”, and “like” which are completely unnecessary and diminish the confidence and reliability of what someone is saying. This habit definitely takes practice to cut out of our vocabulary. After a while of trying to talk to him without saying filler words (try it, you’ll be stumped!) we began our mock presentations. Our final presentation is on Wednesday, July 24th and will be presented in front of our entire athletics department. Today, we presented our rough draft in front of a panel where they critiqued and gave us tips on what to add or change before Wednesday. It was also great to see the other groups’ presentations to get some ideas from theirs to bring to our own.

July 17

The theme for this day was “Personal Finance” and we played a fun game called “Cash Flow.” This game is a bit like Monopoly, but for real-life scenarios. We start in what is called the “rat race” which represents the early stage of your professional career. We all randomly draw jobs such as a lawyer, janitor, mechanic, doctor, or others, and are given salaries and expenses to start out with. Then as we roll the dice, we land on different scenarios such as investing in stock, taking out money for a doctors appointment, real estate offers, paying off liabilities and more.

The point of this game is to make investments so that your Passive income exceeds your total expenses, and that’s how you get out of the “rat race.” This can be done by investing in stock when the price is low and selling it when it is high or paying off your expenses so you have more cash to invest.

We had about five people get out of the “rat race!” They said their strategies were either investing in real estate or paying off their liabilities. This game was a great test for the real world, and definitely made us realize the pros and cons of financial opportunities.

Craig Brutas, Global Account Manager of LinkedIn, stopped by to answer a few more questions we had about LinkedIn. He stuck around to talk personally with whoever was interested.

Ohio State Buckeyes

July 22 & 24

As this week concludes our final days in the office, all we have left is one professional development session and our final presentations. On Monday, we will be continuing with our second personal finance session. Executives from Morgan Stanley will be coming to help us build a personalized financial game plan. We’re coming to the session prepared with a budget sheet called, “Where Is My Money Going, and How Can I Adjust?” We’re looking forward to improving our budgeting skills with tips from such a renowned company!

On Wednesday, we will share our final presentations in front of the athletics department. We have all put tons of time and effort into these projects since the start of our internship. Be sure to check out Lindsay’s group’s features on ‘The People’ section at Ohiostatebuckeyes.com. Ali’s group’s podcast will be available on Ohiostatebuckeyes.com and sound cloud. The other groups’ projects consist of great ideas, and we’re all excited to see them be implemented in the upcoming school year.

As An Intern

The past two weeks have consisted of continuing some of our projects such as ‘My Hometown’ and the ‘I Knew When’ videos. We created and drafted as many as we could so they can continue to be posted over time even when we’re not around!

We’ve created more graphics, staff bios, and much more. Additionally, Kyle took us to the press box in ‘The Shoe’ to see where they work on football game days! The view was awesome and it was cool to hear about how much goes into a game day.

Ohio State Buckeyes

We want to say thank you once again to everyone who has made this internship possible! We highly recommend every student-athlete applies for this experience in their time at Ohio State.

Thanks for following us during our HBGP bi-weekly updates…GO BUCKS!