Buckeyes sit in first place after day one action, leading Notre Dame by two points

COLUMBUS, Ohio With day one of the NCAA National Championships now completed Thursday, the Ohio State fencing team sits in first place, leading Notre Dame by two points. Columbia is in third place, while St. John’s and Penn State round out the Top 5.

Two Buckeyes, senior Siobhan Byrne and freshman Oksana Dmytruk, are at the top of the standings in their weapon.

Byrne, who won 13 of 14 matches on the day in sabre, suffered her only defeat on the day against Jennifer Sawicki of North Carolina. In total, Byrne scored 68 touches, second only to sabreist Sarah Borrman of Notre Dame, who recorded 69 touches. Byrne received only 30 touches, the fewest in sabre. Byrne and Borrman, who each have 13 wins, will face off tomorrow in rounds 5-7.

Dmytruk also claimed 13 wins, good for a top spot in the foil standings. She recorded 65 touches on the day, while only receiving 17. Teammate Lindsay Knauer is also near the top of the foil standings, coming in third after recording 12 wins on Day One.

Senior Eileen Grench remains in position to qualify for the medal round in sabre by winning 10 duals and finishing the day in fifth place.

Senior Aleksandra Obrazcova sits in eighth place in women’s epee, but lies only two wins shy of first-place holder Ewa Nelip of Notre Dame. Ohio State senior Kaela Brendler finished the day with five wins in epee, good for 17th overall.

Action continues tomorrow at French Field House where the Ohio State women will compete in rounds 5-7 and the medal round.

The gold medal bouts move to St. John Arena at 2 p.m., which will be preceded by the official opening ceremonies.

Following the conclusion of women’s competition, the men’s competition will take place Saturday and Sunday to decide the combined national champion.

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Day One Team Results
1. Ohio State  62
2. Notre Dame  60
3. Columbia/Barnard 49
4. St. John’s  45
5. Penn State  43
6. Harvard  37
7. Temple  26
8. Northwestern  24
9. Pennsylvania  23
10. Wayne State  21

Women’s Foil

1. Oksana Dmytruk, 13-1  Ohio State
2. Monika Golebiewski, 12-2 St. John’s
3. Lindsay Knauer, 12-2  Ohio State
4. Adi Nott, 12-2  Notre Dame
5. Allison Glasser, 12-2 Penn State
6. Nicole Ross, 11-3  Columbia/Barnard
7. Melissa Parker, 9-5  Temple
8. Samantha Nemecek, 8-6 Northwestern
9. Anne Jackson, 8-6  Penn State
10. Katia Larchanka, 8-6 St. John’s

Women’s Sabre

1. Siobhan Byrne, 13-1  Ohio State
2. Sarah Borrman, 13-1  Notre Dame
3. Karolina Budna, 12-2  Wayne State
4. Emily Jacobson, 11-3  Columbia/Barnard
5. Eileen Grench, 10-4  Ohio State
6. Eileen Hassett, 10-4  Notre Dame
7. Alexa Weingarden, 10-4 Harvard
8. Jackie Jacobson, 9-5  Columbia/Barnard
9. Eva Jellison, 9-5  Stanford
10. Allie Sneider, 7-7  Harvard

Women’s Epee

1. Ewa Nelip, 11-3  Notre Dame
2. Keri Byerts, 11-3  Penn State
3. Reka Szele , 9-5  St. John’s
4. Anastasia Ferdman, 9-5 Penn State
4. Tanya Novakovska, 9-5 St. John’s
6. Kristin Howell, 9-5  Temple
7. Maria Larsson, 9-5  Harvard
8. Aleksandra Obrazcova, 9-5 Ohio State
9. Kelley Hurley, 8-6  Notre Dame
10. Christa French, 7-7  Northwestern

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