Momtselidze earns third silver medal of the championships for Ohio State

COLUMBUS, Ohio For the second consecutive-season, Andras Horanyi won gold in men’s foil at the NCAA Championships after the Ohio State fencing team claimed its third title in program history and the second in five years earlier Sunday. The team championship was clinched by junior Jason Pryor, who toppled Teddy Sherrill of Harvard, 5-3, in the seventh round of epee to earn the 57th national championship in school history.

The final in men’s foil was a rematch of last year’s classic title bout, when Horanyi defeated Ronald Berkowsky, 13-12, in an overtime decision. This contest this year was not nearly as close, as Horanyi dominated Berkowsky in front of a home crowd inside St. John Arena, 14-7.

Horanyi rattled off 10 consecutive strikes against Berkowsky, and held a 12-4 advantage late in the match. From there, Horanyi cruised to the final decision, holding off the senior from Pennsylvania to run the clock out and earn the fifth consecutive foil title for a Buckeye fencer (Boaz Ellis 2003-05).

Earlier in the sabre gold medal bout, Ohio State’s Mikhail Momtselidze squared off with Jeff Spear of Columbia, who was the only opponent Momtselidze lost to in rounds 1-7 (22-1). Spear shot out to a 6-4 advantage early, and extended the lead to 12-9. That was as close as Momtselidze could get, and fell 15-10. The defeat was the third for Ohio State in a gold medal match during the NCAA Championships.

The key to the championship run for the Scarlet and Gray came not only from Horanyi or Momtselidze, who are each among the elite in their weapon, but from the performances of the other Buckeye fencers. Jason Pryor and Sean Harder won crucial bouts in epee, while Sergey Smirnov rebounded from a sub-par first day to record six wins on day two. Freshman Ben Parkins complemented Horanyi perfectly in foil, posting 13 wins on the weekend and finishing ninth overall.

The groundwork for the championship was set by the women’s team Thursday and Friday, when they scored 101 points, including 76 combined points from the foil team of Lindsay Knauer and Oksana Dmytruk and the senior sabre team of Eileen Grench and Siobhan Byrne. Senior Kaela Brendler book ended her Ohio State career with team national championships, being the only Buckeye to compete on both teams. Aleksandra Obrazcova was also critical to team success, earning an epee-high 18 wins and finishing fourth overall.

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Final Team Standings

1. Ohio State           185
2. Notre Dame           176
3. Columbia/Barnard     158
4. Penn State           155
5. St. John’s           145
6. Harvard              101
7. Pennsylvania         92
8. Stanford             68
9. Wayne State          66
10. Princeton           59

Final Men’s Sabre Standings

1. Jeff Spear  (18-5)              Columbia
2. Mikhail Momtselidze (22-1)      Ohio State
3. Daniel Bak  (17-6)              Penn State
4. Luther Clement (18-5)           St. John’s
5. Franz Bogichev (16-7)           Penn State
6. Barron Nydam (16-7)             Notre Dame
7. Sam Roukas (13-10)              NYU
8. Peter Truszkowski (13-10)       Duke
9. Alex Diacou (12-11)             Columbia
10. Jakub Gibczynski (12-11)       Wayne State

Final Men’s Foil Standings

1. Andras Horanyi (18-5)           Ohio State
2. Ronald Berkowsky (22-1)         Pennsylvania
3. Kurt Getz (18-5)                Columbia
4. Nick Chinman (18-5)             Penn State
5. Henry Kennard (17-6)            St. John’s
6. Dorian Cohen (14-9)             Duke
7. Will Friedman (14-9)            Brandeis
8. Steve Kubik (13-10)             Notre Dame
9. Ben Parkins (13-10)             Ohio State
10. Benjamin Hendricks (13-10)     Duke

Final Men’s Epee Standings
1. Slava Zingerman (15-8)          Wayne State
2. Arthur Urman (15-8)             Penn State
3. Graham Wicas (16-7)             Princeton
4. Stanley Vaksman (16-7)          St. John’s
5. Teddy Sherrill (14-9)           Harvard
6. Peter French (14-9)             Air Force
7. Tommi Hurme (14-9)              Princeton
8. Greg Howard (13-10)             Notre Dame
9. Karol Kostka (13-10)            Notre Dame
10. Jason Pryor (13-10)            Ohio State

Women’s Sabre Final Standings
1. Sarah Borrmann (18-5)           Notre Dame
2. Siobhan Byrne (22-1)            Ohio State
3. Emily Jacobson (18-5)           Columbia/Barnard
4. Karolina Budna (19-4)           Wayne State
5. Eileen Hassett (18-5)           Notre Dame
6. Jackie Jacobson (17-6)          Columbia/Barnard
7. Eileen Grench (16-7)            Ohio State
8. Alexa Weingarden (16-7          Harvard
9. Eva Jellison (15-8)             Stanford
10. Danielle Kamis (12-11          Pennsylvania

Women’s Foil Final Standings
1. Monika Golebiewski (19-4)       St. John’s
2. Oksana Dmytruk (22-1)           Ohio State
3. Nicole Ross (19-4)              Columbia
4. Adi Nott (19-4)                 Notre Dame
5. Allison Glasser (19-4)          Penn State
6. Lindsay Knauer (17-6)           Ohio State
7. Melissa Parker (16-7)           Temple
8. Samantha Nemecek (15-8)         Northwestern
9. Ilana Sinkin (12-11)            Pennsylvania
10. Abby Caparros-Janto (11-12)    Columbia/Barnard

Women’s Epee Final Standings
1. Kelley Hurley (16-7)            Notre Dame
2. Reka Szele (17-6)               St. John’s
3. Ewa Nelip (16-7)                Notre Dame
4. Aleksandra Obrazcova (18-5)     Ohio State
5. Keri Byerts (16-7)              Penn State
6. Anastasia Ferdman (15-8)        Penn State
7. Justyna Konczalska (15-8)       Wayne State
8. Tanya Novakovska (15-8)         St. John’s
9. Kristin Howell (15-8)           Temple
10. Christa French (12-11)         Northwestern

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