COLUMBUS, Ohio – The No. 3-ranked Ohio State fencing team competed against some of the top competition in the fencing ranks at the NYU Duals Saturday at the Jerome S. Coles Sports Center in New York. The men’s squad finished with a 4-2 record at the competition, while the women were 3-3 in dual action. Both teams faced four ranked squads in the six-round competition: No. 2 Notre Dame, No. 5 Columbia, No. 8 St. John’s and No. 9 Yale.

Round one for Ohio State was against the hosting NYU Violets. Both men’s and women’s squads performed exceptionally with the men winning 17-10 and the women 24-3. The women’s foil unit was perfect in the match, finishing 9-0.

The second round saw the Buckeyes fall to No. 8 St. John’s on both men’s and women’s sides in close, one-point decisions.

The Scarlet and Gray split with No. 5 Columbia in the third round. The men downed the Lions 20-7 while the women fell in another close decision, 15-12.

The Buckeye men faced off against Stevens Tech in the fourth round, posting an impressive 22-5 victory. The women defeated Northwestern 16-11.

Round five matched the Buckeyes against No. 9 Yale. Both groups won handily, with the men winning 16-11 and the women winning 19-8.

The day ended on a sour note for Ohio State, dropping both matches against No. 2 Notre Dame. The men made it close, dropping their second one-point match of the day, 14-13. The women were downed 16-11.

Up next for the Buckeyes is the St. John’s Duals Jan. 24 in Jamaica, N.Y.

Round One
Ohio State def. NYU 17-10 (MS 5-4, MF 7-2, ME 5-4)
Ohio State def. NYU 24-3 (WS 8-1, WF 9-0 , WE 7-2)

Round Two
St. John’s def. Ohio State 14-13 (MS 5-4, MF 4-5, ME 5-4)
St. John’s def. Ohio State 14-13 (WS 5-4, WF 2-7, WE 7-2)

Round Three
Ohio State def. Columbia 20-7 (MS 8-1, MF 6-3, ME 6-3)
Columbia def. Ohio State 15-12 (WS 5-4, WF 5-4, WE 5-4)

Round Four
Ohio State def. Stevens Tech 22-5 (MS 6-3, MF 9-0, ME 7-2)
Ohio State def. Northwestern 16-11 (WS 7-2, WF 5-4, WE 4-5)

Round Five
Ohio State def. Yale 16-11 (MS 5-4, MF 5-4, ME 6-3)
Ohio State def. Yale 19-8 (WS 8-1, WF 5-4, WE 6-3)

Round Six
Notre Dame def. Ohio State 14-13 (MS 5-4, MF 2-7, ME 7-2)
Notre Dame def. Ohio State 16-11 (WS 5-4, WF 7-2, WE 4-5)