Ohio State men go combined 8-1 on weekend while women go 6-3

COLUMBUS, Ohio The defending national champion Ohio State fencing team competed this weekend at the St. Johns Duals and the New York University Duals in New York, N.Y. The Buckeye men went a combined 8-1 between the two events, while the Ohio State women’s team was 6-3 on the weekend.

Perhaps the most anticipated dual of the weekend came on Sunday ay the NYU Duals, where Ohio State took on 2008 runner-up Notre Dame. The Fighting Irish prevailed in the men’s competition, 15-12, while on the women’s side it was the Buckeyes knocking off Notre Dame, 14-13. The women’s foil unit came up big, with Oksana Dmytruk winning all three points and Lindsay Knauer taking two duals. Both Igor Tolkachev and Jason Pryor contributed two wins for the Buckeye men’s epee team, while Mike Momtseldize won two fights in sabre.

Other notable matches for Ohio State at the NYU Duals included the men’s team defeating both St. John’s and Columbia, 17-10, while the women picked up a 15-12 win over Northwestern and an 18-9 victory over St. John’s.

The Ohio State men turned in a perfect 3-0 record on Saturday at the St. John’s Duals, with wins over Columbia, St. John’s and Harvard. The Buckeye women went 1-2, beating St. John’s but falling to Columbia and Harvard.

Ohio State is back in action this weekend in Evanston, Ill., for the Northwestern Duals. Stay tuned to for results.

New York University Duals
Sunday, January 25
Men’s Results 5-1

Ohio State 17, Columbia 10
Ohio State 23, NYU 4
Ohio State 23, Stevens Tech 4
Ohio State 17, St. John’s 10
Ohio State 12, Notre Dame 15
Ohio State 23, Yale 4

Women’s Results 5-1
Ohio State 12, Columbia 15
Ohio  State 21, NYU 6
Ohio State 15, Northwestern 12
Ohio State 18, St. John’s 9
Ohio State 14, Notre Dame 13
Ohio State 24, Yale 3

St. John’s Duals
Saturday Jan. 24
Men’s Results 3-0

Ohio State 17, St. John’s 10
Ohio State 18, Columbia 9
Ohio State 17, Harvard 10

Women’s Results 1-2
Ohio State 19, St. John’s 8
Ohio State 10, Columbia 17
Ohio State 12, Harvard 15 ###