Name: Jim Cordle
Hometown: Lancaster, Ohio
High School: Lancaster
Position: Offensive Line
Year: 5th-Year Senior
Last season: Started 12 of 13 games for the Buckeyes; began at center then moved to guard
This season: Will look to lead the young offensive line

by Kendra Lee,

Versatility is a great attribute for any person to have. And for Ohio State offensive lineman Jim Cordle, it is the key this spring. With a new look to the offensive line, he will not only be looked to play where needed, but also be looked to as the leader for a relatively young unit up front.

“It is a little different being the head guy on the line,” Cordle, the fifth-year senior, said. “I want to step into a leading role with the young team and get the offensive line going because it has been lacking the last couple years.”

This particular position group will be going through a major transition this spring due to the departure of veterans Alex Boone, Steve Rehring and Ben Person. The new faces on the line not only bring new talent, but new attitudes as well.

“Our attitude for this year is to have tougher practices and a different mindset all together,” Cordle said. “There is a lot more contact already and more live plays during practice.

“We’re also doing a lot of rotation to find the perfect lineup.”

And that is where his versatility comes into play. Cordle played center most of his career and entered the 2008 season as the returning starter at that position. However, due to injuries, he was moved to guard and stayed there the rest of the season. Entering the spring, Cordle is unsure where he will end up.

“Playing center at Ohio State is something special because there is a legacy there left by players in the past,” Cordle said. “However, playing guard last year was fun and if I play tackle this year, that will be great, too. I just want to play.”

As of now, Cordle is practicing at the tackle position. Although it is a new place for him to be, he is excited to learn a new position. Going against an established and talented defensive line will be instrumental for both Cordle’s progression at tackle.

“I’m still learning the tackle position and don’t have it down quite yet,” Cordle said. “Getting experience at tackle and going against our defensive line that is very good is helpful. I have the ability to play any position and so whatever the best line up is for this year, that’s where I want to play.”

With the spring season underway, for Cordle and the rest of the offensive line, the most important thing right now is coming together and establishing themselves as a great unit.

“Every spring, a team is going to shuffle guys around,” Cordle said. “It is a little different this year because we are trying to find the best lineup for this offense. We have a lot of guys that can play a lot of positions, myself included. There are so many talented guys in this group and we’re excited to make a great name for ourselves.”