No. 10/10 Ohio State (10-2, 7-1 Big Ten) 42, vs. Michigan (3-9, 2-6 Big Ten) 7
Ohio Stadium
Columbus, Ohio
Nov. 22, 2008
Attendance: 105,564


Chris “Beanie” Wells, junior running back
On his advice to Herron before the game
“I told him to fight for those seniors out on the field. I also told him that this is a game where you make a name for yourself and he definitely made his name today.”

On being a part of a team with players who have won five pairs of gold pants
“It is an honor and blessing to be a part of a team that has made history. It is an unreal feeling and amazing to be a part of something so great.”

On Michigan’s defense
“We knew that they would be stacking the box coming in and that is exactly what they did. In the second half, the offensive line did a good job at stepping up and the rest of the team picked it up.”

On getting 100 yards rushing
“Coach Tressel always preaches that every yard versus Michigan is worth two yards. It feels great.”

Terrelle Pryor, freshman quarterback
On his touchdown pass to Hartline
“I saw that he was running even with the defender and just threw it up to him. It was perfect timing and a perfect catch.”

On Todd Boeckman’s touchdown pass
“I love Todd and it is so great that he had a good game. It was a great pass to Brian Hartline. I can’t say enough about Todd and his leadership on this team.”

On the offensive change in the second half
“The offensive line really stepped up. I think Beanie’s big touchdown run really gave us the momentum. We just kept punching at them.”

On playing in his first Michigan game “It made me think about my very first game here at Ohio State. I was so hyped up for that game and even more for this one. We all expect to be perfect and to make big plays against this team.”

Brian Hartline, junior wide receiver
On the game
“You are always motivated to play in a game like this. We tried to pressure them and we were successful. I think the players and coaches both realized that we were doing that. It was a combination of a couple things that got us the win today.”

On possibly going to the Rose Bowl
“It would mean a lot to go to the Rose Bowl. As a kid, you always hear about it and it would be a great way to end a season.”

Marcus Freeman, senior linebacker
On the game “It was a big game. I was excited to play and we got some big plays. I think we played one of the best defenses of the season this game.”

On Michigan
“Michigan has a great program. They’re always tough and they’ll be tough when we play them again.”

Dane Sanzenbacher, sophomore wide receiver
On preparing for the game
“I knew the whole game was going to be a challenge and that Michigan was going to be tough. I felt I was well prepared and I played hard.”

On being from Toledo
“I had an extra incentive to beat Michigan because of where I’m from. It definitely added more to the game for me.”

Steve Rehring, senior offensive lineman
On Michigan’s defensive line
“They had very tough guys on their line. They did a great job mixing formations.”

On playing his last game at Ohio Stadium
“It was very emotional and words cannot describe how I feel. I’m very happy to get my fifth gold pants because there are only a couple of us with them. It is a great honor to play here at Ohio State and to be a part of history.”

Nader Abdallah, senior defensive end
On the team’s mindset before the game
“We weren’t thinking about beating them five times in a row. We just wanted to play hard and win because it was Michigan.”

On the defense
“The whole defense was using its hands a lot better and staying active today. As long as you stay active, you can come off blocks and make plays.”

On finishing the season strong
“After the Penn State game, a couple guys were down, but we gave it all we had. We told the young guys that we had to keep striving hard and finish the season on a high note.”

On his progression over the course of the year
“I just really turned it up toward the end of the season. Half-way through, it hit me that I only had so many games left to play.”

Ryan Pretorius, senior place kicker
On the margin of victory
“We never expected it to be that much. It was a hard-fought game. They are a good team. They came out with their guns blazing.”

On Todd Boeckman
“Todd is a great leader, a great friend of mine, and a great person. He is a fantastic quarterback and did a great job today.”

On his last game at Ohio Stadium
“I hate it that this is the last game. I don’t want it to end. If I don’t go to the NFL, I’ll stay here and work and be here every Saturday. I love this place.”

Aaron Pettrey, junior kicker
On the build-up to the game
“You always feel the same way once you see both teams on the same field. It wasn’t really as important that one team was having a down year. It’s always going to be a big rivalry.”

On the final score
“I thought it would be a lot closer than this. I didn’t think we’d put it on them like that because this is always a competitive game.”


Rich Rodriguez, Michigan head coach
On his first Ohio State/Michigan game
“There was a lot of intensity that both teams had today and it was very physical throughout the game. It had the hitting and all the emotions you expect coming into a game like this.”

On the Michigan seniors
“I am proud of them as I could be of those guys. They are good guys and they might not have had a successful season but they had a successful career here and will have successful lives. It’s hard on the guys, but a few years from now I’ll bring up this group and say they laid the foundation for us. The only regret I have is not having those guys back next year.”

On the season
“It’s disappointing to not be as successful as we would have liked with our record, but there is no panic with it being the first year. We have a lot of things to overcome, and I am confident that the work we do Sunday through Friday will show up on Saturdays soon.”

On the team’s performance
“The missed opportunities are a big thing we’ve dealt with all year. We had great field position in the beginning of the game, but we are not good enough to win ball games without taking advantage of those opportunities. We contained their running game for the most part, but those big runs count, and I’ll have to see the film and break it down. We just didn’t execute today.”

Tim Jamison, senior defensive end
On Ohio State’s third quarter drive
“It was tough. Someone missed a gap and they had a big run. Just that one play sparked that big run.”

On trailing by seven at halftime
“I felt that as the game went on the offense got in a rhythm and the defense started to play well. I thought we had a shot.”

On Terrelle Pryor
“We tried to make sure he didn’t leave the pocket. Of course he’s a great athlete, but he makes big plays when he gets out of the pocket.”

On never beating Ohio State in his career
“It hurts being in the program and never beating them once. Coach is going to reevaluate, and the future looks bright.”

On ending the season with a loss
“It’s my last college game and it hurts. I’ve cherished every moment I’ve had. We’ve been through a lot, especially with a new coach. Rodriguez is going to build a foundation and the young guys are going to turn the team around.”

Brandon Minor, junior tailback
On the game
“After halftime, I thought we could come back and put up another score to tie it up. On offense, we weren’t clicking. One group of guys would execute while the other group of guys wouldn’t.”

On his thoughts on this season and next
“This was a tough learning experience for us. In the offseason I’m going to prepare myself so that this doesn’t happen again. I’m going to bust my tail and hope that others follow. I promise it won’t be like this next year.”