Ohio State 2009 Spring Game

Gray 23, Scarlet 3

April 25, 2009, Ohio Stadium (95,722)

Postgame Press Conference Transcript


                     COACH TRESSEL:  First, kudos go out to our fans for 95,000 and

             whatever, 700 coming out, beautiful day, and gives you a little bit of

             electricity and a little energy and a little reminder of how much interest

             there is in Ohio State football and hopefully they had a great day and a

             fun day and I thought our guys came out after — this was our third day,

             practice day in a row.  Thought they came out and competed and had some

             game-like conditions that were tough to deal with.  That wind was pretty

             nasty for those kickers and kick returners and passers and throwers and all

             the rest and I thought they came out and handled those situations.

                     Anytime you can have reps under fire with people in the stands,

             it’s a positive thing.  I think the 15 days in general, most of them were

             very, very good and we made progress and now we’ve got to make sure that we

             do a great job this last month or so of this academic quarter and have a

             tremendous summer and preseason.  It’s got to be extraordinary.  As you

             know we’ve got to be ready in September, big time, but I thought they

             worked hard.

                     REPORTER:  It looked like Terrelle threw the ball with voracity and

             conviction today, how did you think he played?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  I thought that was tough conditions and I thought

             Terrelle threw it extremely well, especially on a couple of the longer

             ones.  I thought Joe and Justin threw the ball in there.  That was tough

             conditions and it was a little bit of a base package that we did in the

             look, but there was enough stuff that you’re going to see that type of

             thing as we go along the season and to have a day throwing crisp into that

             wind, I thought was very positive.

                     REPORTER:  Jim, did you see Terrelle make the progress you wanted

             to see in 15 days?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  If you brought every position coach up and talked

             about every guy, they could tell you where they improved, where they should

             and where they need to keep getting better and I could say the same about

             every one of these guys up here.  I thought when you put in the time and

             effort that Terrelle does or Doug or Todd or Jake does, you’re going to get

             some results and Terrelle’s an extremely hard worker as all our guys are

             and we’ve got a long way to go and we know it, but I think we are


                     REPORTER:  Is it possible to carry momentum from a good spring ball

             into the off-season workouts into the summer?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  The one thing we believe, you can’t win the

             National Championship in the spring, but you can lose it by not progressing

             enough.  I think we’ve progressed, and we know we’ve got a lot more we’ve

             got to get better at.  We’ve got to grow together as a team and grow to

             complement one another and do all the things it takes to have a good team.

             That’s why I like a game format for a spring game rather than a scrimmage

             because all of a sudden the kicking game has a lot to do with it.  It

             probably wouldn’t have been the score it was if it wasn’t for that on-side

             kick and the score right before the half, that type of momentum, so we need

             to mesh with all three of those units and I think we did progress.

                     REPORTER:  The decision not to play Terrelle in the fourth quarter,

             was that a no-brainer?  He played so well and you don’t want to get him

             hurt?  I know he initially was going to play the fourth quarter, can you

             talk about that decision?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  He was ejected, right, Doug?

                     DOUG WORTHINGTON:  Sure was.

                     COACH TRESSEL:  He was talking trash and he got ejected, right?

                     REPORTER:  Nothing to do with injury or anything like that?  You

             didn’t want to prevent injuries or anything like that?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  He was ejected.

                     REPORTER:  By you?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  Yeah.

                     REPORTER:  You tossed him?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  Tossed him.  Tired of his stuff.

                     REPORTER:  Coach, will you talk about your running back situation,

             they seemed like they did pretty good today.

                     COACH TRESSEL:  We told Marcus he would have scored before he was

             married, but ever since he’s been married, he hasn’t had that second gear

             and — no, I thought Boom and Brandon and Marcus, you know, Joe, and Bo

             DeLande was healthy this spring.  He missed the whole fall for us, that

             gives you a chance to get guys with play and we’ve got a chance to keep

             getting better there.

                     REPORTER:  What was your biggest goal for this spring and how do

             you feel you guys did with that?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  For the whole spring?  Repetitions were going to be

             important.  When you lose guys with ankles and hamstrings and this and that

             and they don’t get the repetitions, it really hurts.  A guy like Todd

             played lots of tight end and lots more defensive line, but if he’s going to

             help us at tight end he’s going to have to get reps and quarterbacks need

             reps.  So reps was very important for us.  Trying to see how we could come

             together as a team was critical because the last time we played in January,

             there was 28 of those seniors and three of those juniors who aren’t here.

             This is our team now, so we wanted to grow as a team, you know, just see

             what we do best.

                     We messed around with different combinations on the O line and

             defensively we did some different things at times, so we wanted to look at

             some things.  Plus we wanted to have fun.  I think our guys had fun.  I

             thought they — they like competing, they like getting after each other,

             and anytime you can come out in the stadium in April and there are 95,000

             people there, that’s a lot of fun.

                     REPORTER:  It was a solid day for the wide receivers, what have you

             seen out of them this spring overall?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  I think they have a chance to be solid.  They’re

             very, very young.  We didn’t have Dane, who was kind of like the elder

             statesman there.  You’re a little bit younger.  I thought Ray Small had a

             very good spring.  He made some plays today that were excellent.  When you

             get him the ball, big things can happen and the young guys like DeVier,

             James Jackson made a couple nice catches, Lamaar’s coming along.  He was a

             high school running back kind of guy.  He needs reps and reps and reps as a

             wide receiver.  And I thought we got a little more production out of the

             tight end position, both Jake and Jake, I guess it is.  Todd didn’t have a

             whole bunch of catches, but the two Jakes, I thought, did a good job and

             that’s going to add a little package for us.  So I think from a receiver

             standpoint in general, I thought the backs caught the ball well this spring

             and so I think we progressed.

                     REPORTER:  Taurian Washington, though —

                     COACH TRESSEL:  Yeah, Taurian did a great job.

                     REPORTER:  What do you see different about him this spring now?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  Those little wristbands that he had on the top of

             his calves, that’s what I saw different.  We’ve got to straighten that out.

             I don’t know if he’s got difficulty with his blood flow or what.  But

             Taurian has had some real good days.  This was one of them.  Taurian needs

             to be more consistent, but he can make some plays for us.  Again, we’re

             young and that’s a whole group of guys that needs to come along because,

             again, we didn’t have Dane in there, you didn’t have Robo and you didn’t

             have B. Hart, so it’s a brand new group.  So those guys getting reps was


                     REPORTER:  Were there young inexperienced players this spring that

             you didn’t know much about?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  The ones we didn’t know anything about were the

             seven that were brand new.  Adam Homan, I thought, came along and he’s

             going to be a good fullback, and James Jackson we mentioned.  Storm Klein,

             I thought, came along and made some good plays and the Jack Mewhort, I

             think, is going to be a good offensive lineman and who am I missing, Zach

             Boren was out.

                     REPORTER:  Jamie Wood?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  Jamie wood.  Jamie was a little banged and missed a

             few practices at the beginning there and probably didn’t get as many reps

             as you’d hope, but I saw enough good things.  And those other guys that are

             just a little older than that, oh, I think we’re coming along like we hope,

             but now we’ve got to put one day on top of another from here on out and get

             ready to go.

                     REPORTER:  95,000 obviously in and of itself it’s nice to have that

             crowd for a spring game, but does it actually help you, maybe some of the

             players, the younger guys, get used to game conditions when you’ve got that

             kind of a crowd for a spring game?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  I think sometimes the thing that helps you is being

             distracted.  When you get to a game like this with all those people, all

             the sounds and everything going on, all those potential distractions and

             you have to focus through them, I think that was a great thing for us to

             have.  I’d rather have that than an empty place for a spring game that

             didn’t have all that flying around.

                     REPORTER:  Why do you think there was 95,000 here this year, as

             opposed to previous years?

                     COACH TRESSEL:  I think it was warm, that was probably the biggest


                     REPORTER:  But there have been beautiful days before and haven’t

             drawn that many, 70 or —

                     COACH TRESSEL:  Yeah.

                     SHELLY POE:  I think we stepped into the fashion crowd today.

                     COACH TRESSEL:  Yeah, appealed to a whole other audience.  I better