SCOTTSDALE, Ariz. Ohio State coach Jim Tressel met Sunday morning with the media for the final time before the 38th Tostitos Fiesta Bowl Monday at 8 p.m. on FOX Sports. He joined Texas coach Mack Brown for a photo session prior to addressing a rather large crowd of reporters at the Camel Back Inn and Resort Spa.

The second question the coach faced at the media session was regarding a comparison between Ohio State freshman quarterback Terrelle Pryor and former Texas great Vince Young.

As good as Vince…by Monday
“When we were recruiting Terrelle, that was the first person that came to mind because Vince had just had that tremendous success leading his team to the national championship and was doing very well in the professional ranks,” Tressel said. “I remember talking to Mack [Brown] about that very thing and Mack felt that he [Pryor] did look similar to Vince when he was in high school. I’m sure as he watches him now he feels he is that type of young man. He works extremely hard…and we certainly hope he becomes as good as Vince Young…by Monday. 

Preparing for possibly the best team in the country
Tressel felt that Texas is a great team and perhaps is “the best team in the country.” With that, he told the media that the Buckeyes have worked extremely hard and are well prepared and the coaches will not leave anything “in reserve that’s for sure.”

Wide range of emotions
There has been much said and written about this being the last chance for the 28 seniors on the Ohio State team to leave their mark on the program. Tressel said there will be emotions on Monday.

“There will be a wide range of emotions,” Tressel said. “We’ve got guys who have done extraordinary things so there is a huge range of emotions. This group as it is at this moment will never be together again the same way. They’ll never be back. People keep all kinds of records of wins and losses but the thing I’ve always cherished is the process toward those records.”

Beanie is ready
Chris “Beanie” Wells is ready to play, which is understandable because he always seems to be ready to play…especially in big games. The junior tailback has rushed for 412 yards and four touchdowns against Michigan and he rushed for 146 yards and a score last year vs. LSU. Two years ago he was a back-up in the national championship game vs. Florida and he did not play this year vs. USC do to a foot issue.

“I think Beanie is really excited,” Tressel said. “I think he has those same emotions toward those 28 guys [seniors] as most of us do. It’s really important to him to do the best that he can possibly do. I don’t know if he’s as interested in making a statement for Beanie as he is for his teammates.” 

Tressel on Texas
The first thing Tressel notices about Texas is its speed. “Those guys can run and they always seem to be in the right place,” Tressel said. “They play with enthusiasm and they keep coming at you. They are relentless. They have great depth with a lot of folks who can play. But they can flat out run and they will hit you.”

To the University of Phoenix Stadium
The Buckeyes will have an hour-long walk through at the University Stadium Sunday at 1 p.m.