On behalf of the Moeller family, I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the outpouring of concern, well wishes and prayers that Tyler and our family have received over the past few weeks. I also would like to share a summary of the events.

We were on a family vacation in Florida, celebrating his grandparents’ 50th wedding anniversary following the end of the OSU summer quarter. On the first evening of vacation, Tyler was with several family members, including his uncle at a popular restaurant/bar; it was there that Tyler was assaulted. He never saw it coming and did nothing to provoke it, which is substantiated by neutral parties. The subject was immediately arrested and the case is currently in the hands of the State Attorney’s Office.

Tyler received immediate medical attention for a head injury suffered as the result of the assault, was admitted in to the emergency room and spent several days in a Florida ICU unit. We’re very appreciative of the care that we received there.

Once back in Columbus, Tyler followed up with additional medical treatment which resulted in a decision last Friday to admit Tyler to University Hospital for surgery that was performed early Saturday morning. The surgery was very successful and Tyler was released on Monday. He is now at home recuperating and hopes to return to Columbus shortly.

We are so thankful for the amazing care that we have received from the our Buckeye family, including the entire Ohio State football office, trainers and coaching staff, OSU doctors, neurosurgeon Dr. Chiocca, and everyone at the University Medical Center.

We are most happy to report that Tyler is doing extremely well and chomping at the bit to get going again. We fully expect him to be on the field again – we are just not sure of the time frame. Thank you all! GO BUCKS!!

Amy Moeller, Tyler’s mom

Buckeye fans sent Tyler Moeller well-wishes over Facebook. Read some of the notes here and submit your own at

Kerry Norris
Get better. thoughts and prayers. GO BUCKEYES

Margo Seyboldt
Best wishes for a quick recovery Tyler!!!! All the best to you and your family. God Bless!

Fred J Wright
Get better soon

Steve Gheen
Best wishes Tyler!!!…Can’t wait to see you in action again for the Scarlet and Grey

Bill Locker
Thoughts and prayers to you and Tyler. All my best. Bill

Karen Huffman
good luck to u Amy, and Tyler Moeller family, go buckeyes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Alex Chesney
hey our coach sends his regards…coach scholz previously from colerain now NRHS

Sharon Holzer
everyone wishes a speedy recovery to Tyler! thank you, Amy, for telling the story. can’t wait for Tyler to be back on the buckeye field!

Elisa Abner-Taschwer
Prayers and good thoughts are with Tyler and his family.

Paul Doc Saxton
Thoughts and prayers for Tyler and your family. God Bless!

Vincent Spalla Good luck to the Moeller family. Tyler will be in my thoughts during every game this season.

Angie Cromwell Medaugh
good luck Tyler thoughts and prayer is with you GO BUCKS

Rocky Roemer
Get well soon, Ty — Buckeye Nion is praying for a full recovery!

Carlos Frisby
I hope he recovers to full health. God bless

Cammie Burkett Baker
Buckeyes stick together! Good luck Tyler and your entire family. We’re behind you all the way!

Khy McKinley
Good Luck Tyler you have been in great hands, Dr Chiocca was my neurosurgeon and is the greatest!

Nancy McCoy-Wozniak
Our thoughts and prayers are with him …

Jenni Croom Loper
Prayers are with you Tyler.

Tammy Gillaugh
Get well soon Tyler

Jared Best
Buckeye nation is behind you. Get well.

Kyle Vandeventer
can’t wait to see you on the field

Tim Nelson
Playing isn’t as important as getting healthy. Regardless of what happens, he will always be in the hearts of Buckeye Nion!!!!!!

Julie Greene Charron
Get well soon Tyler! We’ll see you on the field when the time is right!

Tim Teller
Our thoughts and prayers are with you, Tyler and Moeller family! Get well soon!

Rob Timmerman
Get well quick Tyler!! Look forward to seeing you back on the sidelines!!! Go Bucks!!!

P Beck
Get well soon. We are behind you and you are in our prayers and hearts. See you soon.

Tony Cherry

P Brussel Loos
We love all you guys and all our prayers will be with you and when you can return to the team! See you on the Field soon Go Bucks!!!!

Dale Beth Genter
Our thoughts and prayers are with you Tyler and your family.
GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!

William L. Bainbridge
God speed Tyler!!!

Scott Geyer
Buckeye Nuts may get bruised but don’t get cracked. Hang with’em Tyler. Get better, we will need you next year.

Ron Miller
Watched this kid for 4 years  Colerain and loved his game. Sorry it is happening, but he has a great head and heart for this game and will be back….

Amy Kendall
Glad to hear he is improving. In the grand scheme of life, his health is more important than football, even OSU football! We will miss seeing him play this season, but will look forward to hearing about his improved health! Best of luck!

Sandee CheesmanI
currently live in Alabama so I don’t hear allot of the buckeyes news. I am so sorry to hear about the injury. Tyler will definitely be in my prayers.

David O. Paris
Get well soon, Tyler!! Buckeye Nion supports a complete and rapid recovery!

Pam K Hall
Speedy recovery Tyler. And, Amy from a mother, of a son who was on life support and we were given a very bleak outlook for our son, is the same son I almost lost. MIRICLE’S HAPPEN. God has something planned for Tyler, BE A OHIO STE FOOTBALL PLAYER!!!!, and so much more. God Bless you and will say a pray for a speedy recovery for Tyler. My son… Read More breathed and lived football so I know he is wanting to be on that field this year even if it has to be on the sidelines. Shame on that young man for taking so much from your son.

Debbie Mewhort Keller
Wishing for better days ahead for you, Tyler, and I know your family and the good medical community will help you to be strong again very soon. Take good care.

Rod Mcglothlin
Tyler get healthy and come back next year better than ever, good luck and god speed

Shannon Case
so sorry…hope all is well

Linda Gallagher Schmidt
Thoughts and prayers for a speedy return – you can’t keep a great Buckeye down. Special thoughts to you Amy (I met you on a trip to Minnesota a couple of years ago.)

Charles Parker
Sorry to hear about Tyler. Tell him to get well and we want to see him next year! Go Bucks!

Craig Marcus
Look forward to seeing you on the field next year. Get well soon. GO BUCKS

Cindy Graham Todd
My prayers are with Tyler for a fast recovery. We’ll miss him!! GO BUCKS!!