Aug. 20, 2014

Greg Moore BM, stay classy  u have been, get your degree, and get healthy for next year.

Joslin K. Joseph Braxton I’m a Marine war vet that’s had my fair share of injuries. Your health is more important than anything. Get healthy. Stay strong. And keep up the good work in school!

Paul Pasqua This is a new set of challenges. Time for everyone to tighten up their chinstraps and elevate their games. Let’s rally around Braxton and support him however we can, and allow the greatness of The Buckeye Nation to prevail.



Mark Bergman Braxton… we will wait for you, just promise to give us 1 more!

Corey Schmidt And the 2015 Heisman Trophy goes to……….Braxton Miller

Elizabeth Turner Can’t wait to see you next year Braxton. I hope you rest and recover soon! My thoughts and prayers are with you. Go Bucks!!

Russ Yeagley Rest up Braxton you have many great things to accomplish yet on and off the field! O…H…!!!

Heidi Amthor Get well soon Braxton. You are a class act and look forward to you being back next year! Go Bucks,

Tyler Hoefinghoff Glad to see he’s actually finishing his degree, then coming back. You never see that! Great kid, go bucks!

Kuruma Mordova Wow, you don’t see many college athletes these days making the right decisions  this often. Major respect points to you, #5….very smart move on your part. Commendable indeed.

Robyn Newell You are an amazing athlete with an inspiring spirit!! It’s been awesome watching you these past years and I can’t wait to see you play next year. Sending prayers of healing strength and love your way!! Keep your chin up! XOXO

Danny Trala Let’s play strong for B Mac! Get well soon man you will for sure be missed!

Christy Rogers Sending prayers for your recovery.

Stacey Racille Smith Hope you have a speedy recovery Braxton. so sorry to hear your news. Dont get down on yourself It is turn out ok and the Bucks will still be on top. Keep your chin up buddy. Hope your not having too much pain..take care

Blake Arnold Braxton. I’m serving in the Army and stationed down in Georgia. Just lettin ya know there’s plenty of buckeyes down here pullin for your recovery and wishing you the best. Be coming up there for the game against Virginia Tech. Gonna be my first game to see in the shoe.. was hoping to watch you play, but your health is top priority. Thank you for all you done for buckeye nation!

Chris Belancourt Get your rest man, this isn’t the SEC so we all actually care about you whether your in the game or not. Here’s to hoping you have a good year Braxton Miller!

Robert Dalton From one Huber guy to another, I know your shoulder will be better than ever and next year you take the Heisman, The National Championship, and the number one draft pick. Good luck Braxton.

Jen Campbell Speedy recovery…. Take care of YOU.

Rj Gibbs Sorry to here this get well soon and come back better than ever and go in beast mode on everyone. My prayers are with u Mr Miller

Pam Weekley Hutchinson Braxton heal well and take it easy. I’m sure you will be a mentor for the next QB. See you in 2015!

Laurie Kobal-Avey Praying that you have a speedy recovery! You make all Buckeye fans proud. Take the time you need to heal and we will be there to cheer you on next year!

Jennifer Clifton Braxton take this injury seriously let time heal it also please give us one more yeah come back be a fifth year just so you get experience and Nfl can wait school is important.

Angela Neil Hugs and Prayers Braxton. Get Well Soon. GO BUCKS !!!!!!!

Jen Ginder Braxton, all of Buckeye Nation loves you and wants you to get healthy. We will miss you terribly this season, but can’t wait to see you back next season, healthy and ready to roll! Prayers going up for you. You are a great guy!

Kristen Cummiskey Henthorn Braxton, you are a class act. Prayers for a successful recovery and 2015 season!

Fran Fekete Braxton Miller you will be missed – most importantly your health & well being come first – keeping you in prayer!

Michael Moseley You will do good, get healthier and better, can’t wait to see you back in action

Jeff Welbaum 5 you helped energize this program again at one of our lowest points in program history. You give your heart to this team and we will miss watching you breaking ankles with your speed and elusiveness this year. Go Bucks.

Roberta Hoptry BM – stay strong – even with this set back. Buckeye Nation loves you and are proud of the class young man you are and how you represent the university. So happy to see you will get your degree in December and then head to graduate school before you come back next year!

Tammy Tomazoli Braxton, Congratulations on graduating in December! You are a class act on & off the field!! My thoughts & prayers are with you! May you have a speedy recovery & come back stronger than ever. O-H

Jeff Ackley You Rock Braxton! Take it easy, relax, and enjoy the next year. Take care of your health first. The Buckeye Nation will wait.

Andy Nemann Thanks for all you’ve given to the Buckeyes! Best wishes for a speedy recovery and great future.




Caitlyn George I-O

Margaret Fleming Prayers everything works out for you.

Chip Toth Everything for a reason. You’re a champion and an inspiration. Proud you’re a Buckeye.

Amy Meyer Praying for you Braxton Miller #5

Scott Stewart Keep your head up! Praying for a full and speedy recovery. Oh yeah! Please stay in school and get your degree!

Eric Lykins Heading to grad school, you’ve already won bro

Steven Anthoney Kirk Get well soon Braxton, JT Barrett is gonna need your support and guidance for us to succeed

Jennifer Mack We all love & respect you, Braxton! You are a true Buckeye! Get well soon! I can’t wait to watch you next year with my first born Buckeye:)

Punkie Kirkbride Get well Soon Braxton, true Buckeyes support you, and wish the best for you. Your in my thoughts. GO BUCKS!

Zach Barge Get better Braxton! While Buckeye Nation eagerly awaits your return, we all look forward to seeing you on the sideline mentoring #16! Show him the ropes. #OurHonorDefend

Micheal Rodriguez Nice to see what a stand up college athlete you are. You my friend are a true buckeye to the core! Buckeye nation is behind you all the way!!!

Donald Wanamaker Hang in there Braxton! Get your degree and come back strong next year!!! O-H!!!

Jeremy Clarke Get back soon #5. We can win that national title next year.

Poetry Man Get well and early congratulations on your December graduation. Looking forward to seeing you out there in 2015. Go Bucks!

Teresa L James The most you can get from this rehab is the education! I applaud you Braxton! Go Bucks!

Bob Mantle Glad to hear you are taking graduate courses we will look for you leading the team next year! GO BUCKS!

Mindy Heuer Farry Such a mature, long-range decision. Proud of you and all your accomplishments. Times are tough now, but there is a greater plan. Take care of yourself, obey the docs and Go Bucks!

Kristin Measamer Speedy recovery Braxton. So proud of you that you are receiving your degree you are a great inspiration to all your teammates. See you in 2015! Go bucks!

Dyke Dooley Get well ! Go Bucks !

John Jacob Stand up guy #buckeyenation is behind you bro

Richard Frantz Speedy recovery Braxton! GO BUCKEYES!

Jeff Weller Get better AND stronger young man. Spend a little extra time with the books and family and come back even more determined next year.

Kevin Pratt Every buckeye fan I know is praying for a speedy and full recovery….watching you every game day has been my honor…the way you deal with yourself on and off the field was a real class act…we will miss you (unless you decide to comeback then we will follow you)

Lisa Margulies Bendler So much respect for you Braxton!

Mary Abele Thoughts and prayers coming your way Braxton! Get well soon – Buckeye Nation is behind you!

Jan Norwood Get well soon. Looking forward to watching you next year!!

Lisa Bradford My thoughts and prayers
are with you Braxton and Im wishing you a speedy recovery !

Linda Ruck-Capolupo Go Team Braxton!

Marilyn Poe Get well soon, Brax,we will miss you! GO BUCKS!!

John Odenthal Hang in there Braxton, Buckeye Nation is behind you Brother! Speedy recovery #5

Deb Robson Focus on healing Braxton, prayers for full recovery!

Ryan Silasi Get well BM5….the whole buckeye nation is behind you. O-H

Purvis Coley Praying without ceasing dear Brother! Keep your head up, we are standing with you! GO BUCKS!!

Theresa Florez We will miss you Braxton..get well soon

Patty Gray Hidy I am sure you are devastated now but hang in there. We all in the community of THE Ohio State University are looking forward to #5 again and soon!

Kristen Myeroff O’Donovan You have made us proud and you have had the class to stay true to OSU and your education ! You are a class act. This injury will not define your legacy. Your character will! Stay strong. We support and love you!! P.S. Your haters have not yet met Karma…



Angie Knecht Get well soon, Braxton! I hope you have a speedy and full recovery. Just focus on getting yourself healed. The team will do just fine. Go Buckeyes!!!

Zachary Stanley Get well Braxton! Prove to them you’re the best next year! That Heisman is yours next year!

Robert Wagner Get well soon Braxton miller we need you

Troy Michael Davenport Go Buckeyes!

Min Danny Smith It’ll be greater later !

Dwight Lewis An inspiration and leader worth following We Thank you Braxton Miller!

Connie Ball Newman Wishing you the best, in life!

Chris Pearson Get better soon Braxton you’re a big part of this great team!

Tommy Rieder Bucks 4 ever

Theresa Rumer Get well soon Braxton we miss you “)

Diane Fouts Get well soon Braxton !!! Best wishes on finishing your degree!! You are a class act!!!

Matthew Vinez Heres to a speedy and full recovery! We miss you!

Patricia Clifton Well wishes for Braxton!!!

Mary Lou Breitenbach Take good, healthy, care of yourself and we’ll see you on the field next year. You will be able to help and inspire from the bench. Wishing you a full and speedy recovery!

Heather Canan Sending wishes for a fast recovery. I hated hearing this news ans im sure I was the only one who cried about it. This was suppose to be your year. I saw the interview u did and u had your son in it. U are a great person and im so happy to hear u will be back next year.

Bimbo Calhoun Best wishes and a speedy healthy recovery Braxton. GO BUCKEYES!

Sandra Lewis-Hutchinson Praying for you!!!!!

Candy Guinn Hang tough Braxton!

Shaun Tindall Braxton, this might be a blessing in disguise to happen so early. For one, it will now get fixed correctly and no more damage. You will get a medical redshirt and have an additional year. The team does have time to properly prepare. I feel more for you than the team, the season, whatever happens, happens, But your a great kid with GREAT character, never lose that. Good luck and get well soon!!!

Pamela Livingston Howard Get Well Soon!!!..praying for you:)

Sue Chapman Butcher Braxton we all sending wishes for you recovery. Just take your time and get that shoulder healed. You are in our thoughts and prayers every day. We’ll see you next year out on that field. Love those BUCKEYES I – O

Kathie Braun Get well soon Braxton!!
We will miss you on the field!

Christian Stock Best wishes for a full recovery and for another great season next year!

Terre Turner True Buckeye fans will wait and pray for your healing! Heisman trophy 2015 ? Hum ? Works for me ! Feel better soon!

Ken Falen Take care of yourself. Get well soon, and plan your future carefully.

Mike Pierce Best wishes, and get well soon! OH-

Penny Lynn Concentrate on getting well and getting your degree, so that next year, you are 110% for the games! Prayers going up for you.

Cindy Hoerchler Get well soon Braxton. …Go Bucks


Shari Veleba Get well soon! Good luck with everything!

Liz Henschel Feel better Braxton! Healing wishes to my favorite buckeye.

Jill McCarty Hang in there Braxton. You will be missed but Let’s go Bucks!

Barb Oda Dent Our thoughts and prayers are with you Braxton. We pray for a complete recovery and wish you well in your studies! Look forward to your return!

Jim Boals Speedy recovery, your biggest challenge is how much help you can give J.T. on getting our team to the promise land, just as exspected. Go Bucks !!!

Amanda Gloyd Prayers for a smooth surgery and a quick, speedy recovery, Braxton!! Wishing you the best on the school year!! Hope to see ya on the field next season!!

Petra Cremeans Get well soon, you are FABULOUS!!!!!

Felicia Perrymond Was looking forward to seeing you and the buckeyes go all the way this year. You’ve accomplished so much these last few years. praying for a speedy and healthy recovery.

Judy Brettell Walker Our grandson is only 6 yrs.old. when he heard the new about Braxton,he was so upset!! He said,”maybe he can play another position” out of the mouths of baby’s.. Get Well Soon,,, Braxton.. From, Rylan……

Denise Rebolloso Rios So proud of you and congrats on your december graduation!! See you on the field healthy and strong next season!!!

Chad Zang Challenges are given to truly test how much we love things. You are buckeye strong, and able to overcome this obstacle.



Judy Brettell Walker Get Better Soon, U R a True Buckeye!!! Take care…

Hollie Coon Sending prayers and well wishes to you Braxton! We love you and hope you feel better soon! Thanks for being a great role model for my boys!

Jill Burkholder Thoughts and prayers are with you on this journey. Get well soon!!

Kathleen Michels Best of luck, Braxton. Get well soon, help the 2014 Buckeyes and see you next year!!!

Sue Kinnett Prayers to you #5. Hoping for a speedy recovery. GO BUCKS!!

Shawn Berry Get well soon Braxton….Buckeye nation is goin to miss u this year….Can’t wait to see what u do next year….Go Bucks

Sharon Smith Get well and rest. See you next year. You are a awesome young man.

Chris Ellis Prayers for a safe and quick recovery!

Kim Conrad Heal quickly Braxton! We’ll miss you but you are always a part of Buckeye Nation!

Dennis Mowrey Braxton……wishing you luck on your surgery…..get yourself well

Rene A. Gibson-Yarman Get well soon, Braxton! You will be missed this year! Thoughts and prayers are with you!

Therese Farster I hope you feel better soon Braxton ! GO BUCKS !!!!!!

Stephen MacNeil Wishing you a speedy and complete recovery…can’t wait for 2015!

Kathy Burden Praying for a miracle healing!

Regina Becker Get well soon Braxton! Hope to see you play next year for our team.

Darlene Neff Glick Take good care, Braxton!!

Rebecca Storrings Braxton is my favorite OSU QB, I hope his shoulder gets better! I will miss him this season!:(

Anne Honaker Bolen Looking forward to your return, #5….and know you will help coach your backup well! We love you!

Maria Howard Luv u braxton get well soon

Dean Elliott Heal fully and quickly!!!

Judy Schnell Speedy recovery Braxton!

Albert Tettau A Buckeye may be down….but he’s never out. Get well soon.

Brandon Werling Best wishes and a speedy recovery, Braxton.

Chris Wilson @smbuckeye7: Ok Buckeye fans…time to regroup. Let’s stop all the negativity. We are BUCKEYES…not TTUN! Braxton will be missed, but we still have a job to do. Here’s to a speedy recovery No. 5. #GoBucks

Kathy Bilier Best of luck to you Braxton , get that degree, be a positive force, there is life after football. You are a class guy

A.j. Luda Feel better homie

Kitty Kakascik See you next year

Lori Wilkins Corbin So sorry to read about your injury Braxton. Thank you for your love of the game, and sharing your talent with all of us crazy Buckeye fans across the country! Now, take care of yourself!

Donna Wiseman You will be missed this year get well soon waiting on your return next year ?!?!

Marsha Vayhinger Heal fast! So sorry for your injury!!

Midge Sturgeon Braxton. A speedy recovery to you.

Patricia Dawson Lebda Take care, do everything the therapy folks tell you to do and most importantly get your degree!

Jaime Loskey Mellen Class act, Braxton. Hope you have a speedy recovery. #GoBucks #5

Jayme Solomon-Zissu Get better soon. You will be missed on the field.

Bonnie Morgan Get well soon Braxton. We r pulling for u.

Jany Sabins Prayers, Braxton!

Debi K. Furr Braxton~rest up and keep your great attitude! You’re still awesome and will always be!

Lou Johnson Get well Braxton!!! Buckeye for life!

Patty Muster-Chattin Fast recovery

Debbie Meyer Habat Get better, get stronger and have faith. As a Buckeye nothing gets us down. We will see you next year.

Suzie Feehan Get Better Braxton we will ne waiting for you!!

Mary Ellen Napier So sorry Braxton get better get well #5

Linda Naren Taylor Get well soon Braxton! I am a Michigan fan but my son goes to Ohio State so I root for OSU now. Feel better soon.

Mike Fleming Hope you recovery completely and you can play a year before you move on. Maybe while waiting you can do a meet and greet and we can give you a true welcome. We are all just people lets all give back. Go Braxton.

Phillip Topsoil Get well Braxton we need u will b waiting on you! !

Carla Bueker Make us proud Buckeyes. Get better soon Braxton!!!!

Cory Johannes All of buckeye nation is behind you Braxton!! #5 I will still wear your jersey every game this year!

Stephanie Kaminski Butler You’re a class act Braxton!! Take care of yourself and know we are all praying for a complete and speedy recovery!

Brenna Powell Gardner Get well, Braxton!!

Dave Russell Get well soon, Braxton!!

Karen Guarnieri Get better Mr Miller I no.It’s hard but you be back next season can’t wait

Joyce Hine GET WELL SOON!!!! Keep Smiling!!! There will be BETTER days ahead!!!!

Dianna Whitt Jones Get well soon Braxton, my family loves you!!! O-H-I-O

Joanne Kauffman Will miss you. Get better. See you next year.

Teresa Rankin O’Keeffe Best wishes for a very quick recovery!

Stephanie Suchanic Vest Praying for your healing. So proud you’re staying in school and getting ur degree and coming back next year.

Jj Yosick To a speedy recovery Braxton#5


Janet Kiousis Swinderman Chin up Brax! Get well. Fix what needs fixing. Trust your Doctors, your team, your family, and your faith! Work hard! Follow all the rehabilitation! Push yourself! You are a HUGE part of this Buckeye Football team. Slightly different role for the moment. Continue to be their leader. Inspire them. Mentor them. Support them. You’re incredibly gifted! You’ll be back stronger and with more desire!

Tangney Payne Oh and get well soon…xx

James P. Boyle Get well soon #5!!!!..

Rita Tennihill Get well Braxton Buckeye Nation will be waiting on you.

Trevez Turner I’m praying for you #5..



Austin Turner If there’s one thing THE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY can teach, it’s to never lose faith. Buckeye nation stands strong no matter what. Once you’re apart of it you can’t take that away. No matter what happens on the field this year we will always walk away stronger than ever.

Robert Bernard Get well soon Braxton. You’ll come back better than ever next season!!! Go Bucks!!

Troy Davis Lets go baby go bucks

Bob Clevenger You can do it get well Braxton

Megan Mottet We will miss you!! Take care and keep your chin up!

Pat Johnson Much love and respect to you Mr. Miller. We are proud that you are a Buckeye and wish you a healthy recovery! Looking forward to this season and next!

Pat Johnson I-O!

Kory Renfroe Stay the course. Keep your head up. You can still make an impact from the side. A voice of reason goes a long way.

Lori Cain-Powers Keep your chin up stay positive we got ur back go Braxton .Best wishes to u & speedy recovery. #1 baby ÂÂÂ?TMGo Bucks best ever

Patricia Branine Praying for this remarkable athlete, and for his future! What a joy to watch him play, even better to watch him grow into the man he is meant to be, on or off the field, extraordinary character in action!

P.j. Enoch unfinished business #5 Get well and come back stronger see u in ’15

Lyanne Coleman-Buttram Braxton get well soon we need you hope see you on side line cheer Bucks on #5 Buckeye for life

Deanna Vickers Best wishes for a speedy recovery. You will be missed. See you next year!

Diana Gilliotte Concentrate on your recovery Braxton & the Buckeye Fans will be here when you’re ready!

John E Schweigert Now you must be a true leader!

Lisa-Marie Sims Aww,braxton I will mess seeing you on the field this year & I’m hoping that you will get to play sometime this year,but things happen for a reason tho & maybe something good will come out of this in the end & you will be able to return next year & have an amazing season.Maybe your just meant to finish school first.Get better soon braxton & I hope to be able to watch you play again next season,that’s what alot of buckeye fans want.We will all miss you this season.

Daiza Sanabria Get well soon Braxton!!! The Shoe will be waiting.

Aidan Demian Best of luck with the future my man. Buckeye Nation will miss you out there this year… Get well soon. I’m hoping you redshirt it but whatever is best for you, gonna miss Miller Time in the shoe real bad. Your futures bright. 5 QB… Hope to see you taking snaps again soon B. Mill. #thereturnofthereal15

Tc McLeod smh Sad.. I’m a fan of this guy, B. Miller. Great athlete, great person. Hope he comes back STRONG! From a Georgia Dawg.. Stay up 5!

Robert Miller Hang in there. Everything will work out.

Henry Talmadge Wooten IV Heisman and a ship comin in 15 for Braxton and T.OSU, keep ur head up man and keep Workin hard!!

Daryl Nati Bryant Braxton, keep your head up and stay positive and take your time getting healthy. Wish you the best of luck with school and football. Keep up the good work. GO BUCKS!!

Patty Burt Daniel You’re an inspiration to so many of us, Braxton. You and your family will be in our prayers as you deal with this injury and recovery. We can’t wait to see the great things you will yet accomplish!!

Rita Tennihill Buckeye Nation is with ya Braxton. Next year baby

Brandon Ramsey Get well soon Braxton! Let’s do this for Braxton! Oh-!!

Kelly Burke We will miss you, Braxton. Keep your head up and try to stay positive.

Jeannie Cutlip Sending love and healing prayers to Braxton. You will be missed so very much this year, do what is best for you but I can’t lie…I really hope see you on the field at the Shoe next year!!

Brenda Craft Barrett Praying for you Braxton… sorry Buckeye Buddy…..

Jennifer Goethals Get well soon Braxton!

Major Jacobs Glad you’ll be a buckeye in 2015 Braxton! Get well soon!

Kay Wilhelm You are an exceptional young man who has been dealt a life lesson too young. You are respected by many people and will be admired whatever decision you make. So disappointed for you.

Brandon Briggs-Tyska Hope you have a speedy recovery Miller BuckeyeNation needs you Get Well. O H

Nancy Vukovich Keeping you in prayers, get healthy band come back next year, you are a great role model for young men by getting your education

Jeremy Newman Exactly stay in school and finish your degree. Football may not be your stong point but staying healthy and being an example is an option.

Ben Boehling We are gonna miss you buddy!! hope you take this year to recover and come back better then ever next year! Stay one extra year buddy!

Stacey Wilson Get well soon Braxton. Much respect to you. You are a excellent example of what a Ohio State Buckeye truly is! Thx O H

Missy Franzone-Fedor You have been the heart and soul of the buckeyes for 3 years ohio is so proud of what you have done for us. We all know you have had your championship. Even though you can not play this year we are still rooting for you. Go bucks!!!

Michael Smith Get well soon! Buckeyes til we die!

Tina Rager Get well soon Braxton. Go Bucks

Patrice Larson-Ligo My heart is broken, I will deeply miss Braxton this season.

Becky Birch So sorry for your re injury of your shoulder. We’ll miss you, but focus on a fast recovery. Go Braxton, the great Buckeye!

Bronwyn Jones Prayers for a full recovery.

Thomas Krusick Get that shoulder fixed..take your time rehab it…get it 100%..I’ll be prayn for a safe surgery and recovery

Tony Jenkins Get well soon we need u superman Brax

Carina McDonald Get well #5- you are a wonderful example to young men everywhere with your pride and class in the face of disappointment. Proud to be a fan! Go Bucks!!

Alisha Ellison Get Well Soon and have a speedy recovery Braxton Miller. You get healthy and stay healthy for next season.

Marie Monteville Praying for a complete recovery. You will be missed!

Chris Browning Follow the Doctors orders and stay rested Braxton. The body can’t heal if it’s stressed. You are a true CLASS ACT. We all want you well and 150% for next year so you can take OSU to the Rose Bowl.

Darryl Crane Keep your head up bro next man up go bucks

Ethel Miller Hurry and get well

Carol White get well soon

Kristi-jo Pritchard Get well soon Braxton ! Here’s hoping for a speedy recovery !!

Jennifer Stucker-Threet I am a Michigan fan, but nobody wants to see a young athlete injured. Prayers for a quick recovery.

Don Jo Sherer You a number of people pulling for you. Get your studies get well and return to play



Linda Darner You represent Ohio State wonderfully! Praying for a speedy recovery as well as administering to your spirit. Many people wishing you well!

Cat Tray Get well BM… Praying for.

Michael Tomecek Thanks for bringing class and magic to THEE OHIO STATE UNIVERSITY! Best wishes braxton!

Matthew Poe Looking forward to seeing you lead the Buckeyes in 2015. Your a Buckeye and you will overcome this setback.

Jenifer Lane Get well Braxton as quickly as possible!

Rita Altier Lawrence YOU WILL RETURN!!!

John William Holland Get well #5 and better believe your experience will be helpful as you mentor JT this year. I have faith this year can be special and best wishes to whatever happens next year.

Maria May Sending get well wishes from AR!!! Sure will miss seeing you under center this year but so look forward to next year!! Go Bucks!!

Bobby Hodge Get well soon’ll be cool.we can wait one more year on another heisman.

Brad King Get well Braxton, wish you a speedy recovery and Buckeye Nation loves you! GO BUCKS!!!

Davida Willis Get well soon Braxton Miller!! We need you

Nancy Baker Get well and see you next year winning the ring

Robin Dekay-Findley Your amazing! Get well! Go Bucks!

Karen Muehlfeld Glad to hear you are so positive…stuff happens and you are making the best of it. Best wishes on a good recovery. See you in 2015!

Chris Welch Get better bm #5

Raymond Brewer I will be at the Navy game in my #5 jersey……

Kelli Dotson Get well Braxton Miller we will be waiting for you! Your so awesome love ya

Chris Bowling Get well soon so we can see the number 5 leaving defenders looking stupid

Shawn Avery Get well B.Miller…

Bonnie Hurst Healing prayers your way!

John Roberts Heal well, focus on the future. Only you can limit yourself. Buckeye nation is behind you!!!

Robert Evans Good luck

Soni Webber Rest that shoulder, don’t push too hard too soon. Buckeye fans love you and are wishing you the best as you recover!!!

Rea Rea B Praying for your arm and our offense! I know you will be on the sideline helping those young boys handle the pressure. Best of luck to you b miller!! You met my son last year and he loved it

Jane Thompson Wonderful that u will get your degree! Praying for your quick recovery u r a great Buckeye!

John Sutherland Work hard and get well soon!

Erik Huntley Braxton, you are more than a quarterback, football player or athlete. This to shall pass, but don’t miss the lessons or the opportunity to grow. Love you and praying for the best for you and your family.

Michelle Williams One of best players out there. Get well soon.

Ronda Davies Bryan Was really looking forward to watching you this season and seeing you win the Heisman trophy! Best wishes for a speedy recovery!

Jan Filbin Smith Cannot imagine how disappointed you must be but praying for your complete healing and we still think you are an amazing young man that the Lord has a great plan for your life.

Becky Blackburn Get well, hope 2015 is your year. Congratulations in advance on your graduation!

Karen Robson Praying that you will find peace in this difficult time. We are thinking of you and will miss you.

Eric Sopher Prayers, get well soon #5

Debbi Mayer Ellis I was looking forward to seeing you at the Navy game, Braxton, but know you need to get well. We’ll see you next year…get your degree!

Allen R Mason Jr. Heal quickly Braxton, rehab well and you will come back better than you were

Robert Rohr Get well soon Braxton you’re in Buckeye Nations thoughts and prayers

Patti Nemitz Baldwin Get the surgery and then work on getting even better for next year! We’ll all be waiting! Best of luck to you!

Samantha Smith Keep your head up, B Miller. Buckeye Nation will embrace you through it all.

Eddie Weiss make lemonade, dude. best wishes!!!

Linda Geise Get well soon!!!! Praying for a full recovery.

Richard Jackson I-O

Lisa Barrale The buckeye nation will be waiting for you. You r in our prayers Speedy recovery. O-H. I-O

Jason Young You’re a legend in the making, Braxton.
That half yard TD against Penn St blew my mind.
Get well, get the degree and keep fighting.

Lynnda Lynn Hawkins Praying for you, Braxton! You’re still # 1, # 5! Still love you & want what’s best for you! Take care.

Jared Jackson love you bro

Brent Crist Get well Braxton! Stay strong and keep ur head up.and look forward to seeing u back on that football field next season better and stronger than ever.U r a heck of a player and the sky is the limit for u.Go Bucks!

Mary Link Wishing you good progress and healing.

Tammy Steele Hope you have a speedy recovery! Get that degree and we will see you back in action next year. Share your knowledge and help the Buckeyes get that national title this year.

Kim Weston-Loring You will be missed but not forgotten Prayers for a speedy recovery See you next year

Cheryl Lukuch So good to see that an injured football player can see past the game & know he has choices and education is important. Stay strong & know all Buckeyes are very proud of you!

Milan Lewis Praying for you Braxton

Judy Smith Ortman Prayers coming your way. You are handling this with a lot of class.

Peds N Rob OSU Medical Students Rebuild him into a 6-BILLION DOLLAR MAN. Get Well Soon. We will miss you this year. Go Bucks

HallErin Grant get well and come back to us strong as ever. GO BUCKS!

Marvin Hudson Hold Ya Head High Champ Get Well You And Your Family Are In Our Prayers

Maria Mastracci Olson Braxton we love you!!!! Can’t wait to see how strong you are next year! Get well soon you are well loved!

Brad Howard Braxton just get ready for next year help Barrett out this year and coach him teach him your ways and hopes of a successful season. We want a national title next year man and big ten title and heisman trophy winner! But get well man wish and hope you all the best! Buckeye nation for life!! O-H!!

Phil Kennedy Never Give Up.. Help those in need, for your wisdom is a key to their success. Speedy Recovery, take care of yourself. Get Well soon!

Barbara Wellings We will miss your brilliant play this year.

Diane Fowler Herd (((HUGS))) and Prayers!

Dave Zaborski Great job Braxton. We’ll be waiting for your return next fall. Take care of your health.

William Woerl Get well soon Braxton O H

Betty Lopez Diaz We’ll be waiting for you! Take care of yourself! #gobucks

Barbara Wellings Braxton, we graduated from same high school but we have even more in common. I had rt shoulder joint replaced in Feb then tore my rt rotator cuff in three places on same repaired shoulder so when I say “I feel your pain”, I truly mean it. I hope you hang in there and heal quickly so you can get your arm back. Not much fun using your left arm for everything when you are a right handed person. We will miss you this year.

David Lee Carlson get well soon and mind your study’s you get to graduate this coming year…….peace

Joanna Waugh Valentine It’s to heal and hit the books.

Jennifer Vail Wishing you strength for a speedy recovery and look forward to seeing you again on the field next year!

Mary Jo Csonka Cherney Keep your head up, Braxton! Get better and stronger! See you next year!

Holly Victor Fabbie Love and prayers to you Braxton

Susie Weidner Hite I hope your surgery goes well and you heal up fast! Take care Braxton! See ya next season!!

Alan J. Wisneski Gonna miss you man get healthy

Tommy Staab Get well 5

Becky Wolfe Graham You will come out of this stronger. Best of luck with the rehab.

Brad Hall Get Well Soon Bro! Your Buckeye Nation Will be Ready to See u get Healthy and Win us a Ring next Season!

Lorita Ward Braxton, have faith, there IS a reason!

Jennifer L. Krause I am so sorry for your injury. I know you will come back stronger next year!!

Christopher Bryant Sr. Good Well Soon Braxton!!!!!

Liz DiCorpo-Ross Wish you the best #Braxton

Charlene Kay Watts Prayers to u Braxton on getting healthy again!!

Linda Hargis Our thoughts and prayers are with you take care stay positive.

Nancy Horvath Kovach Heal, Braxton, Heal! Looking forward to 2015 season. Buckeye Strong!

Bryan Power O-H Brax

David Oliver Number 5, much love from Iowa!! Get well soon!!! Go Bucks!!! O-H

Adrianna Hopie Hopkins Get well Braxton!!

Betty Enderle I wish you the best Braxton.Get well and looking forward to seeing you next year.Prayers.

Jim Janes Cant wait to see you play next year! Our buckeyes are still awesome!

Stacey Arehart Hey Braxton!! Focus on school and getting that shoulder healthy this year! We look forward to seeing you on the field next season!!!

Austin Hennessey Can you imagine what our 2015 class will be ? Unstoppable. JT Barret is going to get it done this year too!

Lisa Courtney Stork Get well, Braxton! Let the shoulder heal, and we’ll see you next year!

Shelli Calhoon Speedy recovery Braxton  the Buckeyes will be waiting for you along with your fans when you are well

Gladys Powers Get well soon Braxton!!!

Mark Miller Get well Braxton, I know this is tough for you but keep your head up and make us proud next year.

Travis King Get well soon Braxton!!!! Buckeye Nations Loves You!!

Julie Fredericksen Take your time and heal Braxton…that’s most important.

Linda Harbaugh Braxton just work on getting better so when u are back u will be that much better at ur position

Anne Cook Lause Take care of yourself!! You will be missed this season but we will waiting for your return next season.

James Polk Get Well Soon, Braxton Miller!

Julie Weiss With ya in spirit Braxton! Prayers and good karma for your recovery!

Keba T-Lane Get Well Soon #Braxton #waynewarrior

Debbie Bain iT’s gonna be alright man. take it a day at a time.. stay in school do what you gotta do for ur education!!! We all love ya!!

Cinde Jeffers Mustaine Love u take care of yourself

You have been an ICON and LEADER on and off the feild. You are a True Class Act young man. Get well and I sure do hope you come back next year for a National Championship. Go Bucks. OH-

Jolynn Duncan Weinfurtner Prayers to Braxton & family!!!

Tad Kimball Heal up young man…you will be missed this year.

Jim Henderson Braxton, You and the Team will Overcome!

Barry Harrington You will be in our thoughts and prayers. Get well soon, but not too soon!

Lisa Lilienthal Sheaks Wishing you a speedy recovery Braxton. You will be missed.

Rebecca Perry Damsen Get yourself healthy and keep studying. Love that you are going to pursue a graduate degree, that’s an amazing example to set. We’ll be cheering for you, too, as we cheer for our Bucks this season.

Mary Blue Life has ups and downs. You are experiencing a BIG down, but know that the ensuing up will be soon and higher than before. Meanwhile, finish your degree. No one can ever take your education away!! Get well soon! GO BUCKS!!!

Debbie Peppard such sad news for the entire Buckeye nation…get better and come back in 2015…you will be missed this season…keep up your spirits and encourage both young QB’s to follow in your footsteps….team rally and win…your fans love you

Jackie Blundell Wells Get well soon braxton!

Jeff Dillon Hang tough Braxton, I hope you come back next year to finish what you started. Good luck

Larry Garner use this year to get well, your health is most important.

Scott Woodruff Keep the Faith Braxton, this team will be fine…next years’ team will be even better because you’ll be better

Joyce Weinberger Best of Luck to you and your future! You’re young and taking care of this now will help you build a better tomorrow! Go Bucks! Wear #5 with Pride!

Patricia Lynch Thanks for the thrills Braxton!Now is your time to heal and get well.When you’re ready,we are too.Keep the players pumped,mentor the kids coming in,and never lose your spirit for OSU football,we will keep the lights on for you!

Jill Scott-Hopkins Get better soon big guy.

Patrick Chaney O..H

Patrick Chaney Get better, your 1st. The BUCKEYE nation understands and supports your time to heal. FUTURE! Endeavors are more important. But would love to see you come back cut on a dime,and raise the heisman and bring another NC to CTown.

Barb Settles Huge Prayers for you. Listen to your PT, your body is the only one you get

Judy Solee Hang Tough….Take care of yourself

Jim Hill I was glad to hear that this is similar to what Drew Brees went through and look how it worked out for him. Stay positive Braxton and concentrate on the most important game we play, “life.”

Mark Neumann Get well soon and see you next year.

Franky Bennett III I’m very upset, but positive, positive that Braxton will recover and will be successful in whatever he does and that Urban will still lead the team to victory.

@cole20legend #GoBucks5 recover quick I really hope you redshirt and comeback and ball out In 2015 wish the best to you !!! @BraxtonMiller5

@tank11723 #GoBucks5 rest up man, and we’ll take it from here. Go Buckeyes!

@Tmiller_22 @BraxtonMiller5 Hope recovery goes well! Keep working hard. Can’t wait to see you on the field again #GoBucks5

@deldiablo77 #GoBucks5  Wishing Braxton Miller a speedy recovery. All the way from the UK #gobuck #OhioState #football #OSU  @BraxtonMiller5

@PopularMr Have a speedy recovery. Get your rest. Take care of your family. Come back stronger in ’15! #GoBucks5

@MandyJAlcorn #GoBucks5 get well @BraxtonMiller5 we will be waiting with open arms to welcome you back to the field! Stay strong!

@cg15OH @BraxtonMiller5 #GoBucks5 Praying for your speedy recovery! Good luck with classes this upcoming semester and grad school! #GoBuckeyes

@LentzManCometh here’s hoping for a full and speedy recovery for my boy @BraxtonMiller5 it’s a journey but you’ll be stronger in the end for it. #GoBucks5

@matthewoaks @BraxtonMiller5 Hoping for a quick recovery. You will be missed on the field. #GoBucks5 #BuckeyeNation
 Ohio, USA

@Paul_NW Braxton Miller is in my prayers. Hope you get well soon man!

@docjlmdvm #GoBucks5 Best wishes for a speedy recovery. Impressed with the Grad school plans! Best of luck there too!

@ben8day Get well soon. Looking forward to watching you play next season. Stay strong  #GoBucks5

@TerryGreer1116 #GoBucks5 get well soon.  We will certainly miss you this season

@OGSuperman Get well soon Braxton #GoBucks5

@dpurman #GoBucks5 get well soon!!!

@EdWimpee #GoBucks5 #BuckeyeNation  let Braxton know your with him. @Brutus_Buckeye let’s go!

@AlexMeske #GoBucks5 Hang in there, Braxton. Get well soon.

@Tyler_Seiwert12 #GoBucks5

@jaymacko25 @BraxtonMiller5 Keep your head up Braxton. You are a fighter. We will see you back next year. #gobucks5

@tmcdvm #GoBucks5 sending wishes for successful surgery and smooth recovery

@annephd #GoBucks5 praying for a complete recovery, back in 2015 ready to roll. Power of the Unit, Go Bucks

@Allurqqn4 @TheBuckeyeGreat @Brutus_Buckeye wishing you the best Braxton keep your head up and stay strong #GoBucks5
@coolsport00 Get well soon @BraxtonMiller5 . Thank you for all you’ve done for Buckeye Nation & what you will yet do! Blessings! #GoBucks5

@BhaBhaBhatoya @BraxtonMiller5 hope everything works out but don’t worry the QB spot is in good hands for now #gobucks5

@Thomascooper30 @BraxtonMiller5 get well soon! Bucks nation is behind you! #GoBucks5

@em_chapp i love you . get well soon.  #GoBucks5

@pikappaquotes @BraxtonMiller5 get well soon. #Gobucks5

@WildnOutWiles Wish you the best in your recovery and can’t wait to see you next year #GoBucks5

@GoBuckeyes9001 Hope the surgery goes well man #GoBucks5

@OSUSportsCenter Get well soon, Braxton. Buckeye Nation is praying for a speedy recovery and we know you’ll come back stronger than ever! #GoBucks5

@Kerri_nurse Buckeye Nation is behind you…praying for you and your family as you go through this journey! Keep your head up! #GoBucks5

@TheBuckeyeGreat Get well soon Braxton #GoBucks5

@ChristianMZ24 Wishing the best, @BraxtonMiller5! Nobody deserves to be out there more than you and we hope to see you in scarlet and gray again #GoBucks5

@Eddie_Dobro Keep your chin up and stay positive!  You’ll be back on a field in no time at all…….#GoBucks5 #BuckeyeNation #BraxtonMiller

@brandonjoepride Get well soon, looking forward to seeing you in 2015! #GoBucks5 @BraxtonMiller5

@Blacthunder22 Get well soon and have a great season next year @BraxtonMiller5 #GoBucks5

@luckywinner10 Get well soon, @BraxtonMiller5. #GoBucks5

@FigGypsy #GoBucks5 You’ve always had our back, now WE HAVE YOURS!

@cricketfox Gday brax. Get well  scarlet and grey forever #GoBucks5