August 6, 2020

⚡ Quick Quotes: Coach Day


Ryan Day, Head Coach

On the leadership:

“The only way that any of this is possible is because of the leadership of our team and our upperclassmen. Their ability over these past months to hold each other accountable, to communicate, to share their experiences during this time has been awesome to see. Really inspiring for our staff to watch.

“I promise you our leadership has kept this team hungry. I think we’re training right now at a championship level.

“This group is really impressive in so many areas, you know. Really, when you look at their accomplishments as a young group, it’s already really long.”

“I don’t want to be overdramatic, but we probably could’ve had 11 or 12 captains. We have guys that do the right things, ask hard questions, and challenge each other. Because of that, it’s becoming a special team in a very difficult season.”

On if he is worried about quality of play first couple weeks:
“Players and coaches, I think, have been doing an excellent job here taking care of themselves and taking care of their health over the past few months. We’re holding each other accountable because we’re all in this thing together.

“I think our testing policy and procedures that our medical staff, our training staff, sports performance, and our administration have implemented here has allowed our players and our staff and our coaches the confidence to know we’re doing everything we can to create the safest environment possible when we walk in the Woody every day.

“Looking at this team right now and the way they worked in the offseason, I’m not concerned at all.”

On the running back room:
“When you bring in a fifth-year senior, you have to find the right guy. We think Trey Sermon is that right guy. And Master has done an unbelievable job of rehabbing. He amazes me every day.”