Ohio Stadium
411 Woody Hayes Drive
Columbus, OH 43210
NOTE: All deliveries should be shipped to the attention of Pete Olms, Room 155.

Appearance Requests
Band: Please contact Jon Waters by email at
Brutus and/or Cheerleaders: Please contact Judy Bunting by email at or by phone at 614-688-3038.
Coach Tressel: Please contact Deb Broeker by email at or by phone at 614-292-7620.
Former Coaches or Athletes: Please contact The Ohio State University Alumni Association at 614-292-2200.

Cancellations can be made two-weeks prior to an event. If an event has to be cancelled within two weeks of the event date, the group will be required to pay any incurred costs.

We do not provide dcor. We ask that there be no decorations taped to the walls or hung from the ceiling. We do allow balloons and candles.

At this time, we do not require a deposit. An invoice will be sent 5-7 days after the event, with all final charges.

We do not have the ability to dim the lights; however, we will work with each group to create the best lighting for the event. For evening events, we strongly suggest the use of candles for additional lighting.

For events in the Huntington Club (Club Room 1-3, Varsity O Room, University Suite) all guests should be directed to park on the west side of the stadium, between Gates 17 and 23. Guests can access the parking lot from Cannon Drive.

For events in the Recruit Room, all guests should be directed to park on the east side of the stadium, between Gates 16-26.

PLEASE NOTE: For weekday events during the academic year (late September through mid-June and between the hours of 7 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.), it is STRONGLY recommended that groups’ pre-purchase parking passes for the Tuttle Park Garage. We cannot reserve parking spots for an event, and due to the heavy volume of parking around the stadium during the weekday, parking spaces are very limited. Please contact the Department of Traffic and Parking at 614-292-9341 for additional information on garage parking.

Room Temperature
Unfortunately, for events held during the winter months, we have some difficulty with maintaining a comfortable room temperature. However, there are several factors that can also contribute to the room temperature. For instance, if there is an event with 200+ guests, this will obviously keep the temperature higher. It is the smaller events that we would suggest mentioning “proper attire” to guests.

We do not provide signage for events; however, we can assist you in displaying signage you provide. For example, if you have a banner (depending on size) we can hang it on the gates outside of the stadium, near the Huntington Club entrance, or we can hang the banner from pipe and drape in the entrance to the Club Room. If you are concerned with guests finding the event, previous events have used small yard signs (similar to a garage sale sign) to point guests into the parking lot. Other events have tied balloons near the Huntington Club doors for additional visibility of the entrance location.

For an additional $1.00 charge per guest, a tour of the stadium can be offered during your event. If you are interested in adding a tour, please note this on the facility form online.