This simple post about football practice starting next week got Buckeye fans stirring on Facebook in less than 10 minutes. Read comments …  

Just about time to strap the pads on!

The 2009 Buckeyes report to fall camp Sunday with practice beginning Monday. Are you ready for some football? Navy game Sept. 5 noon at the ‘Shoe!

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Select Buckeye Facebook Fan Comments:

Joel Palos Can’t wait for season to start. GO BUCKEYES
Ryan Hertzfeld Can’t Wait!!
Robin Campbell Whooooooo hooooooooooooo GO BUCKS!!! Can’t wait for this season to get underway!
Lisa Graves Booker READY! GO BUCKEYES!
Jeremy Mcelwain OSU # in preseason polls? We’ll take that..if…hold on.. WHEN we beat USC, Nobody is gonna stop us!
Bobby White hutt-huttt
Aaron Leinbaugh GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!LETS GET THIS SEASON GOING!!
Payton Hounchell OH!!!
Aaron Miller w0000t w0000t GO BUCKS!!!!!!
Lori Clary OH—–IO!!!
Greg Webb IO!
Lindsey Frye IO!!!
Timothy Dale Lutz lets show ’em why we’re the best ever. lets go bucks!!!!!!!!
Lloyd VanLanen O-H-I-O
Becky Harris-Weaver O-H
Christine Deblin Florea IO!!!!!
Andrew Johar OH
Shane Robertson They’re going to sneak up on the BCS and take over College Football!!!
Nick Leland IO
Dan Newmire Its like waiting for xmas…. Lets go Bucks, lets shut some faces up!
Jenn Phillips IO!
Sean B. O’Dell IO
Len Gayle I-0
Timothy C. Wright Get those Gators!
Dan Newmire and I-O!
Jeremy Kreischer goood GO BUCKS!!! I CAN”T WAIT BABY!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nicole Flanary i miss watching football!!! bring it back!! (:
Mike Terry Go Bucks!!!
Phil Spaugy go bucks!
Dustin Morris wit terrelle were goood!!
Thomas Kimmel IO!!
Dillon Hall thats my helmet. haha
Mike Hardin This will be Brandon Saine’s breakout year!
Jennifer Moore Go Bucks!!!!
Tamala Grecni I have been ready for some Football! Go Bucks!
Deb Ryan So ready for College Football!!!! Go BUCKS!
Michael Follett It is almost time for the greatest spectacle in all of football, The Ohio State Football program.

Mindy Zantek Ringhofer WOO HOOOOO!!!!!!
Brenda Newhouse Preston GO BUCKS!!!!!
Jason BowmanI O I can’t wait to get this season going…Go BUCKS!!!!
Andre K. Allen GO Bucks!!! Beat USC! Beat em BAD!
Andrew Lang Go Bucks!!
Jeff Davenport we need you pryor.. Lets rock!!

Jesse CarpursoGO BUCKS!

Andre K. Allen OH-

Suresh Rachurigood stuff
Dakota Greer ready to watch usc start cryin after we put a beatin on them
Diana Wilburn Can’t wait for the games to start – GO BUCKS!!!
Shelly Perkins GO BUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Neal Bomeli IO
David Balliet Go Bucks!
David Balliet I O
Rob Shock I can’t wait for USC in the Shoe!!! It’s time to get some national respect!
Jeffrey Keener OH- IO
Tony Cofield Lets go BUCKS !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Kristy Quinzi Go Bucks!!
Ricardo Dalvin Anthony Can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!!!
Charlie Larger Big year for the kid from Piqua-Brandon Saine!
Will Wallace I’m hoping for the Capital One/Outback bowl this year. I really wish we played Georgia last year. If we aren’t legit for the NC I’d like to blast an SEC team!