May 17, 2017

DYK: Campus of Championships🏆


May 17, 2017

On most days, weeks and months the Ohio State athletics campus is typically buzzing, but for a 12-day span from May 2-14 Buckeye Land burst with a level of activity perhaps unseen in recent history.

“We like to host events. That is for sure. We bid on almost everything we can,” Ericka Hoon, Director of Event Management, said. “We always want to put our student-athletes in a comfortable and advantageous situation in competition, especially in the postseason. But this run of events, as far as my nearly 10 years here, has to be the most we have hosted in such a short time.”

Beginning with the 2017 NCAA Men’s Volleyball Championship opening rounds May 2, Ohio State welcomed 32 visiting teams, 506 total student-athletes, approximately 204 more coaches, support staff and administrators as it also played host to the NCAA Women’s Golf Columbus Regional, NCAA Men’s and Women’s Tennis First and Second Rounds, NCAA Men’s Lacrosse First Round as well as the 2017 Big Ten Men’s Lacrosse Championship. The men’s lacrosse first-round victory over Loyola (MD) Sunday evening (May 14) wrapped up the impressive stretch.

“The scene at men’s volleyball was incredible,” Mike Penner, Senior Associate Athletics Director for Internal Operations, said. “Watching our team win the championship match in front of a home crowd of more than 8,000 in St. John Arena was an awesome experience. At the same time essentially across the street, our men’s lacrosse team was playing in a tie game for the Big Ten title.

“Turn around Monday and women’s golf starts up; Friday men’s tennis kicked off a weekend at the courts with women’s tennis and then men’s lacrosse played NCAAs Sunday. It is a true testament to our student-athletes and coaching staffs and the work they put in to reach that level of success. We also have to pat our department staff on the back for all their efforts hosting the events.”

FAST FACT: Here’s the best news for the Buckeyes … each Ohio State team competing in the six events either won or advanced to play further into the postseason.

“FEAST FACT”: A total of more than 2,200 apples, bananas and oranges were supplied to the athletes during the 12 days of events. Another 2,000-plus granola bars were made available to the competitors in the six events.

Below is a breakdown/lookback at each of the six championships that occurred here on the Ohio State campus from May 2-14 … Go Bucks!


Champion: Ohio State

Participating Teams: BYU, Barton, Hawaii, Penn State, Long Beach State

  • Attendance: 13,734
  • Credentials Issued: 402
  • Fruit Supplied: 240 bananas, 120 apples, 107 oranges
  • Granola Bars Supplied: 870
  • Rolls of Athletic Tape: 138


Champion: Maryland

Participating Teams: Ohio State, Penn State, Johns Hopkins

  • Attendance: 3,862
  • Fruit Supplied: 80 bananas, 88 apples, 80 oranges
  • Granola Bars: 400
  • Credentials Issued: 409


Champions: Florida, S. Carolina

18 participating teams, including Ohio State

  • Credentials Issued: 317
  • Fruit Supplied: 650 bananas, 160 apples, 450 oranges
  • Granola bars supplied: 840


Advancing: Ohio State

Participating Teams: Butler, Louisville, UCF


Advancing: Ohio State

Participating Teams: Buffalo, Kansas, Notre Dame

Tennis Fun Facts:

  • Credentials Issued: 169
  • Fruit Supplied: 160 bananas, 36 oranges, 36 apples


Ohio State 7, Loyola (MD) 4

  • Attendance: 1,723
  • Credentials Issued: 303
  • Granola Bars Supplied: 100