April 18, 2018

Drew Cheezum: Big Ten Medal of Honor Finalist


After being an outstanding student-athlete at the Ohio State University for the last four years what has been the most rewarding experience or opportunity during your time here?

The most rewarding opportunity I have experienced while at Ohio State was without a doubt my trip to Thailand through Buckeyes Go International. Getting the opportunity to travel across the world to interact, learn, and service a community with a culture so different from ours was the most amazing experience of my life. Additionally, I befriended other athletes at OSU I never would have met and got to learn and appreciate about the other sports at Ohio State.


What makes you a good candidate for this award? Is there anyone in particular you would like to thank for helping you during your time at Ohio State?

Being nominated for this award is such an honor. I do believe I am a good candidate for this award because of growth I have demonstrated here at Ohio State. As a senior in high school, I was not a top recruit by any means and even at the beginning of my freshman year I was a below average competitor in the NCAA. However through the incredible advice and support I received from teammates and coaching I was able to grow into the shooter I am today. I accomplished so much more than I thought capable in the NCAA, but also outside of athletics. My career path changed so drastically but through my social growth thanks to the Ohio State culture I have found a home in Columbus. I’d like to thank most of all my coach, Ryan Tanoue. Through my college career he has molded me into the person I am today. I was an entirely different person 4 years ago and the friendship we have sparked will last my life.

In your opinion what does it mean to be a student-athlete, especially at a university like Ohio State?

Being a student-athlete is all about balance. You first must balance the difficulties that academics bring forth along with the time, dedication, and stress that follow athletics. You also must balance the individual goals and desires you face with those of your team. The pride that comes with wearing Scarlet and Gray is so strong that the support for all of athletics can be felt across teams, students, and even the country. Student-athletes at Ohio State face an even greater amount of pressure than other student-athletes because of the expectations and standards we are held to. The academics at Ohio State are much more challenging than those at most universities, and the expectations of fans and competitors for us to be the best at what we do is even more challenging. So balancing all of the pressures, expectations, standards, and goals are what being a student-athlete is all about.


After graduation how do you plan to take what you have learned as a student-athlete into the business world/professional athletic endeavors?

Through interviewing and working with companies I have learned how much they value the experience student-athletes bring over other students. The time-management skills I have developed through being a student-athlete will be invaluable in the workplace. Additionally the ability to work with a team and the leadership experience I have gained at Ohio State will play a very important role professionally. These skills are exactly what companies are looking for along with the motivation and dedication it takes for student-athletes to excel in sport and academics. I plan to continue to develop these skills and take the experiences I have had and adapt them to the workplace.