September 14, 2016

Dontre Wilson: This Is His Year


Sept. 14, 2016

As seen in the September 10th edition of the Ohio State Football Official Gameday Magazine. To view this story and more, click here.

Patrick Smith
Ohio State Athletics Communications

As children, we all read stories and watch movies about characters who overcome obstacles beyond their control to accomplish their goals and achieve greatness. They are our favorites because triumphs are just that much sweeter when you know all the hard work that went in to reaching that pinnacle.

This is true for the story of senior H-back Dontre Wilson, who has overcome many obstacles during his time at Ohio State to put himself in a position to thrive and leave his mark on this historic program.

Wilson’s career at Ohio State was off to a great start. Although undersized at 5’10” and 180 pounds, Wilson managed to use his blinding speed and great vision to rank fourth on the team in all-purpose yards his freshman season, racking up 983 yards. He was off to a great start his sophomore year until breaking his foot in the team’s 49-37 victory over Michigan State.

That foot injury was the beginning of a string of injuries that would haunt Wilson for the next two seasons. As the talent around him at his position continued to grow and the injuries persisted, Wilson began seeing the field less and less, but through it all Wilson kept pushing.

“You can’t get down on yourself, you still have time. With the guys by your side you can get through it and keep pushing.”

Now entering his senior season, Wilson is healthy and ready to test out his new and improved 195-pound frame to see what it can do on the football field as the team’s co-starter at H-back along with junior Curtis Samuel.

“It feels like everything is finally falling into place this year, after all I have gone through.” Wilson added. “Fans tell me every day that this is going to be my year and that they hope I do well this season. I love that encouragement. It keeps me going.”

The Buckeye faithful have already gotten plenty to cheer for out of Wilson this season as he, in the seventh start of his career, racked up 101 all-purpose yards and two touchdowns in the Buckeyes’ opening-day victory over Bowling Green. Both the Buckeyes’ coaching staff and fans are hoping that his performance is just the beginning of the great things to come.

As we sit back and watch Wilson’s story unfold every Saturday on the gridiron this season, we must remember that every electrifying play, touchdown and ensuing celebration is made that much sweeter due to the work that went into making it possible.