Sept. 15, 2012

Those who watched ESPN’s All-Access: Ohio State Training Days in August might remember a standout moment during a practice drill between junior running back Carlos Hyde, head coach Urban Meyer, and running backs coach Stan Drayton.

For those who missed it, here’s a quick summary – Ouch.

During the clip, Meyer simply tells Drayton and another assistant to “stop him,” as in Hyde, during a drill in which the coaches attempted to obstruct the running back’s path to the endzone using defensive pads. Hyde, upon hearing this, begins his next rep, lowers his shoulder and pummels Drayton to the ground. Simply put, he couldn’t and wouldn’t be stopped. 

“That’s all I hear about nowadays,” Drayton said about the clip. “That’s all [they] talked about for a while.” 

While this clip is entertaining, it also perfectly describes Meyer’s offensive style – it’s explosive and won’t stop until the whistle blows.

Hyde fits seamlessly into the new offensive mix at running back. At 6 feet, 232 pounds, he has the speed and strength necessary to run rampant in an up-tempo, no-mercy offense. This deadly combination earned him two touchdowns and 82 yards rushing against Miami University in the Sept. 1 season opener. However, despite his two touchdowns, Hyde was not fully satisfied with his performance.

“I definitely want 100 yards in a game,” Hyde said. “I realize if I would have broken one more tackle I could have maybe reached it [against Miami]. It’s something I can work towards this season. 

As a sophomore in 2011, Hyde rushed for more than 100 yards in two games with a 5.3 yards-per-carry average, and totaled six touchdowns. This season yields many more opportunities for Hyde to shine, especially with Meyer at the helm. The new offense requires many plays to be run no-huddle, which doesn’t give the defense a chance to get set.

“The no-huddle means the ball will be in my hands more, so that means there will be a lot of touchdowns coming my way,” Hyde said. “I’m excited.”

The new up-tempo style has Hyde believing this year’s Buckeye offense will be much improved. He attributes his thinking to Meyer’s coaching talents and ability to motivate his players.

“Our offense couldn’t execute as well as we hoped last year, so we relied on our defense to get our wins, but this year is be totally different,” Hyde said. “I think our guys on offense have much more confidence in themselves now. Coach Meyer brings out that inner confidence in you. He wants you want to be great.”

Although he is currently listed as starting running back, Hyde has a lot of competition on his hands. Senior Jordan Hall is expected to contribute immediately upon returning from injury, while freshman Bri’onte Dunn is anticipated to be a future star at the position.

“I feel like ‘the’ running back, but I still try to get out there and compete because there are guys behind me trying to chase the job,” Hyde said.

To be “the” running back, Hyde must continue to develop and improve. If that happens, it is likely defenders will hit the ground like Coach Drayton.

By: Carly Weisenbach, Athletics Communications