🎙 The Buckeye Futures Developmental Series

The Eugene D. Smith Leadership Institute is excited to announce “The Buckeye Futures Development Series.” This series is a sequence of classes aimed to offer student-athletes education on career and life skills. It will feature a combination of industry professionals and internal speakers giving lessons and advice on how to be successful in their careers.

Development Series: Manager Communication

Have you ever wondered how to maximize communication with your manager once you’ve started a new job? Effective communication and expectations are important to communicate with your manager to understand employee roles, set rules, and the goals for the team. During this discussion, we took a deep dive to improve communication, punctuality, and feedback.

Things to know for the November election

Join us to learn more about how you can register to vote, check your voter registration, and apply for an absentee ballot for this upcoming November election, regardless of where you will be casting your vote.

The Voting Process

A conversation with two civic engagement educators at Ohio State about what civic engagement is and how student-athletes can be civically active. Learn more about resources, tangible applications, and action items you can take to feel more confident about casting your vote in November.

You Got The Job…Now What?

Have you ever wondered how to stand out as an employee once you’ve secured your first internship or full-time job? We have a group of experts to discuss just that! Similar to working hard to earn playing time in athletics, the group dives into how work ethic and transferrable skills you’ve learned as a student-athlete will help you stand out!

Interview Questions

In this episode of the Buckeye Futures Professional Development Series, we learned from an expert panel on how to answer interview questions. We discussed specific questions that student-athletes struggle with including how to navigate behavioral questions if your only experience comes from Athletics! A must-listen for any student-athlete with an upcoming interview!

You’ve Got the Interview … Now What?

Control the controllable; student-athletes hear this saying all the time in sports and now it’s time to apply it to professional life. This episode covers steps to take in preparing for an interview as well as what to do before, during, and after in the interview. Listen to a practical take on how to separate yourself from other candidates in the interview process and get the job!

Development Session: Dining Etiquette

Cathi Fallon, an etiquette expert, from the Etiquette Institute of Ohio, takes listeners through principles needed to successfully navigate a professional dinner setting! She covers table manners, conversation pointers, server communication, and much more.

Insurance 101

Melissa Basil, an Ohio State alum and Insurance Agent at Basil Insurance Group, LLC breaks down the ins and outs of insurance to our listeners. She broke down what we need to know, what it covers, and the cost of both renters insurance and auto insurance. It is important to be an informed and smart shopper, Melissa did an amazing job breaking down how to become one.

LinkedIn: What is it and where do I start?

Due to the effects of COVID-19, internships were canceled across America. To combat this unfortunate truth, The Institute is providing a personal and career development program to allow Ohio State’s student-athletes to add to their resume. To kick off the virtual series, The Leadership Institute hosted Zach Labrum, former men’s lacrosse player from BYU and current LinkedIn employee. In this session, Zach discussed what LinkedIn is and how student-athletes can use it to increase their likelihood to obtain an internship or job in the career field of their choice.

Financial Literacy: How to construct a budget

The second installment of the professional development series focused on budgeting. In this session, Ben Raines, a representative from Scarlet & Gray Financial under the Office of Student Life, explained how to construct a budget, best practices for saving, and planning for the future.

LinkedIn: How to create a profile

In the third installment of the Development Series, former BYU Lacrosse Player and LinkedIn Employee, Zach Labrum, walks through important points to create the perfect LinkedIn Profile. With over 95% of company recruiters utilizing LinkedIn to source and hire candidates, this is a must-listen episode! Zach includes tips on how to list your education, the importance of a photo, and what information to include in your profile to grab the attention of recruiters.

Financial Literacy: Credit

Establishing and managing credit can be confusing and intimidating, especially as you are beginning to establish your financial profile. This episode of the Development Series walks through how to establish credit and explores the various factors that can affect your credit score. Additionally, financial consultant Ben Raines from Scarlet and Gray Financial discusses how to strategically manage your debt and effectively plan for the future including resources to pull a credit report.

LinkedIn: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid on a Resume

Resumes are intended for candidates to showcase all of their strengths and help separate them from the crowd. In this episode, Lauren Kume, a career counselor from the Fisher College of Business, joins us to discuss the Top 10 most common mistakes on a resume and provides tips and tricks on how to correct them.