September 15, 2016

Curtis Samuel – His Time to Shine


Sept. 15, 2016

As seen in the September 10th edition of the Ohio State Football Official Gameday Magazine. To view this story and more, click here.

Madison Laskarzewski
Ohio State Athletics Communications

Ever since the first time Curtis Samuel donned the Scarlet and Gray, he has proved to coaches, fans and his fellow Buckeyes that he is a player to be counted on. After having to play various positions over the last two years, Samuel has made it clear that he can succeed anywhere. Now, as one of the most-experienced Buckeye offensive weapons, it is his turn to help lead the offense and the Brooklyn native is more than ready to step into the spotlight.

“The last couple years, I’ve learned how to practice and become a practiced player,” Samuel said. “Some guys think that you can just take it easy in the practices and it’s just going to happen in the games. From those guys, I have learned that you have to practice hard and build confidence with the coaches by going out there and taking every day seriously.” The H-back is not only ready to step into a leading role on the field but also on the team. As an older, more-experienced player, Samuel knows that the coaches are looking up to him to be a leader for the team.

“I definitely had to mature as a player,” Samuel added. “Being one of the older guys on the team, the younger guys look up to us and if I’m clowning around, they’re going to be clowning around too. I know that I can’t be that type of guy anymore and just play around. I need to take everything seriously and show the younger guys the way to go.” Knowing he would have a bigger role to play this year and always looking for ways to improve his game, Samuel has spent the summer paying attention to the finer details to perfect his game and take it to the next level.

“I feel like I have a bigger role to play this year,” Samuel added. “I think they’re going to lean on me a little bit more because I’m experienced and there are a lot of young players on the team so the coaches are probably going to go to guys that they know they can trust from previous experiences.”

After preparing the last two years to take on a bigger role on the team, Samuel is ready to show fans that he is ready to handle his new role and that he wouldn’t rather do it any other jersey than the Scarlet and Gray.

“I feel like this year is going to be a great year for a lot of guys, not just myself. I’ve been waiting for this for a long time now. After going through camp and that grind, it’s time for the fun part of the season to start now.”