March 31, 2020

🔊 AUDIO: Conference call with Ohio State’s Greg Beals, Amy Bokker, Nick Myers and Ty Tucker


Four spring sports head coaches comment and answer questions on the NCAA DI Council ruling that grants a waiver to allow additional eligibility for spring sport student-athletes whose seasons were impacted by COVID-19.


Quotes from the Coaches

“Our leadership has been elite during this time. It has been swift with giving us the information we need. It starts with Gene Smith, but it’s everyone in the leadership group…It’s about the student athletes. It’s student athletes first and when this first came down it was about getting our students healthy, getting them safe and we were swift in acting in that way. All the way up to last night where us spring coaches were on a conference call with our bosses to make sure we had the information.” – Greg Beals

“In a time with so many questions, we’re all sitting at home alone, to have the leadership of Gene and just everybody in the department has been phenomenal. To have our athletes told that they have the choice and the option of coming back, I think that’s all they wanted to hear…It’s is clear that Ohio State Athletics and our leadership is about these student athletes: the welfare, the well-being, the education of these student athletes first and it’s something I’m really proud to be a part of. Going into this profession as a coach, we consider ourselves as a source of support in education and a mentor to our women who are preparing to give back to society. Nowhere is that clearer now with some of the lessons they received from going through our program…Some are ready for the professional world and we talked through all of that and what was best each of them individually. That’s important too. What are their individual aspirations and dreams and how can we help them get there and it’s a hefty part of my responsibility. We’re lucky they have that choice.” – Amy Bokker

“I just want to start by saying how grateful we are. This has been a challenging time for everyone. Certainly in a number of ways. One of the challenges that we have been faced with as head coaches is the connectivity to young men and women that had a season taken abruptly. You can imagine how challenging that is to understand and process the end and then not know what the future holds. Last night was a major positive because it brought some closure to the unknown. The leadership that we received from Mr. Smith has been incredible…it certainly has been as good as it gets at a time where we need it most. Mr. Smith has been incredible when it comes to communicating to us through this time and then last night we got on a call immediately, minutes after knowing we were going to be faced with some questions and concerns.” – Nick Myers

“It has obviously been a tough time for everybody, but last night was a happy time. I was able to feel like a coach again. My whole life is wrapped up in being a coach and for the last 15-16 days I was kind of walking around wondering if I’ll get to be a coach again. I was able to feel like a coach again last night and it was especially great calling Kyle Seelig, who was our only senior and a captain, and letting him know he gets to wear the Scarlet and Gray for another season, and to hear the joy in his mom and dad, it was great. I have been here for 24 years and Ohio State is simply the best.” – Ty Tucker