The Ohio State Department of Athletics
Community Relations
Requests for Coaches Appearances

Looking for a guest speaker for your high school, organization, church or club? Invite one of Ohio State’s coaches to come to your next event. Hear from Ohio State’s most talented coaches and leaders who offer insight into their programs and what it takes to lead a team of people in an incredibly competitive environment. Our coaches can share their expertise about a myriad number of topics including, but not limited to, leadership, team work, motivation, competitive passion and vision.

Bob Todd
Jim Foster
Basketball, Women’s
Lenee Buchman
Vince Panzano
Vladimir Nazlymov
Anne Wilkinson
Field Hockey
Donnie Darr
Golf, Men’s
Therese Hession
Golf, Women’s
Miles Avery
Gymnastics, Men’s
Carey Fagan
Gymnastics, Women’s
John Markell
Ice Hockey, Men’s
Jackie Barto
Ice Hockey, Women’s
Nick MyersLacrosse, Men’s Sue Stimmel
Lacrosse, Women’s
James Sweeney
Pat Cherry
Andy Teitelbaum
John Bluem
Soccer, Men’s
Lori Walker
Soccer, Women’s
Linda Kalafatis
Bill Wadley
Swimming, Men’s
Bill Dorenkott
Swimming, Women’s
Linda Lichter-Witter
Synch Swimming
Ty Tucker
Tennis, Men’s
Chuck Merzbacher
Tennis, Women’s
Robert Gary
T&F/XC, Men’s
Karen Dennis
T&F/XC, Women’s
Pete Hanson
Volleyball, Men’s
Geoff Carlston
Volleyball, Women’s
Tom Ryan

If your request is something that one of our coaches may be able to fulfill, then we will send you a follow up link and a password so you can complete a formal Coach Appearance request form. All appearances will be based upon availability of the requested coach and applicable NCAA rules.

Thank you for your interest in Ohio State Athletics and a request for a Coach appearance. Please know that we value all of our Buckeye fans, and we desire to assist as many as possible with their requests.

Contact information:
Judy Bunting
Community Relations Coordinator