March 18, 2019

Collegiate Pistol National Championships Day 2


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Day 2 | Collegiate Pistol National Championships

Fort Benning, GA- The Buckeyes continued their competition today at this year’s National Championship competing in both Standard Relay and Rapid Fire Exhibition.

Individually, eight Buckeyes shot for the Standard Pistol Individual National Championship; Shrenik Jain (543, 5th Place), Anthony McCollum (530, 8th Place), Emily Rust (528, 11th Place), Robbie Delagrange (524, 12th Place), Cade Haiby (521, 18th Place), Bernard Melus (512, 22nd Place), Zachary Dahmen (502, 27th Place), and Samuel Gens (496, 29th Place). Together, the Standard Pistol Team of Zachary Dahmen, Shrenik Jain,  Bernard Melus and Anthony McCollum took 4th Place behind the U.S. Coast Guard Academy, U.S. Military Academy, and U.S. Naval Academy with a score of 2,087.

This afternoon, Bernard Melus shot a Rapid Fire Exhibition Match.

At 8:30 am EST tomorrow morning, eight Buckeyes will compete for the Open Air Pistol National Championship; Zachary Dahmen, Samuel Gens, Cade Haiby, Shrenik Jain, Con Marrinan, Bernard Melus, Anthony McCollum, andEmily Rust. Emily Rust will also be competing for the Women’s Air Pistol National Championship. Finals for Open and Women’s Air Pistol will follow the match, beginning approximately at 11:30am.



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