September 10, 2020

College Hockey Delays Start of Season


The Hockey Commissioners Association (HCA) – representing the 11 Division I men’s and women’s hockey conferences – announced the start of the 2020-21 season will be delayed because of the the impact of COVID-19, the HCA announced Thursday.

The HCA’s statement reads:

“The eleven Division I men’s and women’s ice hockey conferences, represented by the Hockey Commissioners Association (HCA), are committed to providing memorable competitive experiences for our student-athletes during the upcoming season. The conferences have been working together on plans to return with a focus on the health and safety of everyone associated with our campus communities. Due to the impact COVID-19 continues to have across the country and within higher education, the start of competition for the Division I college hockey season will be delayed. Each conference will announce details on game schedules, including the start dates, individually. We look forward to our players and fans enjoying the college hockey experience this season.”

Ohio State Buckeyes