Jan. 8, 2001

Head Coach Jim O’Brien
On the next couple weeks
“We are 1-1 and we lost a tough game over the weekend to Illinois. In my opinion they are one of the better teams in the country. It is very difficult to play against them. They have just about everything you would want in a team. They have a little bit of everything.”

“We find ourselves with three-consecutive games at home in the conference and we feel like we have to maximize our opportunities at home.”

On the Ohio State Point Guard Situation
“Our point guard has been the same all year long. Brent Darby is our point guard. When he goes out Brian Brown is our point guard. They share at times but more often then not Brent is our point guard.”

On rough play point of emphasis this season
“I thought they (officials) backed off in our game vs. Illinois. The problem you have is that every single official is interpreting changes in their own way. There are adjustments that need to be made not only game-to-game but within each game. There are a lot of games the three officials are interpreting the point of emphasis in a different way.”

On the role associate head coach Bruce Parkhill, former head coach at Penn State, will have this week.
“It is good to have Bruce here. Bruce has been a little disconnected for about five years (from the basketball team at Penn State). I am sure he knows a little about what Jerry (Dunn, head PSU coach) does but we have been doing this (coaching against Penn State) for several years.”

On Parkhill’s view of the game vs. the Nittany Lions
“He is not looking forward to this game. He has mixed emotions. He wants us to win but he still has ties to Penn State. It will be an awkward game for him to be involved with.” On what Parkhill has brought to the team this year
“I think he has a real good sense of the game. He has a nice way about him with the kids. He is a soft-spoken guy in practice. They relate to him very well. They don’t have a problem talking to him. His knowledge is being passed on to our big kids. He has a real good relationship with those guys.”