January 22, 1999

The Ohio State men’s and women’s swimming teams defeated the visiting Cincinnati Bearcats tonight at the Peppe Aquatic Center. The women won by a score of 127-114, while the men won by a 146-85 margin. Jason Fox (Jr., Goshen, Ind.) led the way for the men, winning both the 200 individual medley and 200 breaststroke. He was also part of the winning 400 medley relay. On the women’s front, Heidi Hazen (Jr. Mentor, Ohio) won the 100 butterfly and was also a member of the winning 400 medley relay. Diver Ryan Fillmann (So., Muncie, Ind.) had his second consecutive sweep, winning both the one and three meter diving competitions. %^$

The women are next in action on Jan. 29-30 for a pair of home meets against Denison and Wright State, while the men travel to State College, Pa. to take on Big Ten rivals Penn State and Iowa.%^$

Final Scores%^$Men%^$Ohio State 146%^$Cincinnati 85%^$

Women%^$Ohio State 127%^$Cincinnati 114%^$

Individual Event Winners%^$400 medley relay (m) Ohio State (Petrovic, Fox, Slouf, Malich) 3:23.73%^$

%^$400 medley relay (w) Ohio State (Hutzler, Krynauw, Hazen, Baran) 3:55.98%^$

%^$400 freestyle relay (m) Ohio State (Braun, Mills, Kostowicz, Carver) 3:06.26%^$

%^$400 freestyle relay (w) Cincinnati (DeJong, Sheil, Ellis, Strini) 3:31.42%^$

%^$1000 freestyle (m) Steven McLeod, Cincinnati 9:22.51%^$

%^$1000 freestyle (w) Cosmo Saunders, Cincinnati 10:34.24%^$

%^$200 freestyle (m) Honza Vitazka, Cincinnati 1:39.30%^$

%^$200 freestyle (w) Marein DeJong, Cincinnati 1:54.22%^$

%^$50 freestyle (m) Brian Malich, Ohio State 20.71%^$

%^$50 freestyle (w) Shannon Strini, Cincinnati 23.96%^$

%^$200 individual medley (m) Jason Fox, Ohio State 1:51.73%^$

%^$400 individual medley (w) Sofia Svensson, Cincinnati 4:28.81%^$

%^$200 butterfly (m) Honza Vitazka, Cincinnati 1:50.94%^$

%^$100 butterfly (w) Heidi Hazen, Cincinnati 57.14%^$

%^$100 freestyle (m) Brian Malich, Ohio State 45.81%^$

%^$100 freestyle (w) Carrie Sheil, Cincinnati 53.01%^$

%^$200 backstroke (m) Ivan Petrovic, Ohio State 1:51.21%^$

%^$100 backstroke (w) Ann Stephens, Ohio State 57.92%^$

%^$500 freestyle (m) Cameron Mull, Ohio State 4:32.90%^$

%^$500 freestyle (w) Kristin Sendrowski, Ohio State 5:07.74%^$

%^$200 breaststroke (m) Jason Fox, Ohio State 2:05.14%^$

%^$100 breaststroke (w) Keryn Krynauw, Ohio State 1:05.91%^$

%^$One meter diving (m) Ryan Fillmann, Ohio State 303.00%^$

%^$One meter diving (w) Carrie Ziebarth, Ohio State 242.45%^$

%^$Three meter diving (m) Ryan Fillmann, Ohio State 318.90%^$

%^$Three meter diving (w) Angie Trostel, Cincinnati 294.35%^$