This Q&A ran in the Buckeye hockey gameday program for the Bowling Green series Jan. 8-9

Kyle Reed, a junior forward, is ready for a big second half after missing games early in the 2009-10 season with an injury. One of the fastest Buckeyes, he talks about coming from a hockey hometown, playing outdoors and having a backup plan.

What’d you do over break?
Break was more time spent with family. A lot of my friends were still in school so I kept it close to home. I spent as much time with my family as I could, slept over the grandparents a few times. It was good just to see the family.

What’s your hometown of Calgary like?
It’s a hockey town. With the Flames there it’s hockey, hockey, hockey. The outdoor rink is the best spot during Christmas break. I was out there a few times playing pond hockey. It was fun.

Did you play with your buddies from home?
There are a few guys that play college hockey from my hometown. A few of us got together and just went on the outdoor rink away from college hockey and played a few shinny games.

How cold was it?
It was cold – minus 20. But once you put on the toques and the little mittens under the gloves and start moving around it feels like it’s plus 4.

Since Calgary is a hockey town – is that why you got into the game?
I live about two blocks away from rinks on both sides of my house. When I was about 5 my mom took me out and gave me my skating techniques. I think that’s why I’m so fast, because I started when I was so young.

How did you end up a Buckeye?
I played in the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League and went to a school called Notre Dame – Athol Murray College. It’s a prestigious private school where a lot of NHL hockey players were formed, like Rod Brind’Amour, Wendel Clark and Curtis Joseph. I was told they wanted me to play in their junior program. I was seen when I played in the World Junior A tournament. Ohio State picked me up and I committed right away

How’s it been working out at Ohio State? What did you know about the school?
It’s been a great experience. At the time it was my dream come true, for me to get a scholarship and come down to the states to play hockey. It worked out for me perfectly. Ohio State’s a pretty great place. I knew it was a good football school, but knew it was a good college to get a degree out of as well. Lots of people know about Ohio State – once a Buckeye always a Buckeye. It was definitely something that caught my attention.

This summer you were invited to participate in the Atlanta Thrashers’ development camp. How did that all come about, and what effect will it have on your career?
It happened with my sophomore year I think – I had a good second half and they asked me to come. It was one of those things where you don’t expect it to happen. I think that’s when things come to you – when you don’t expect it. It helped me to see what kind of game the pros play and how it’s structured and the life. It helped my career to show the next level is that much closer and what it takes to get there. It takes a lot more than what you think it does. Once you get there you want to stay there. Hopefully I can do it again.

Do you have any plans outside a hockey career?
My uncle has an advertising company in Boise. I want to look toward the advertising/marketing side of things in case hockey doesn’t work out. It’s important to have a backup plan while you play a sport because you never know what could happen. Choosing the college route is the best way to make that happen.