This Q&A ran in the Buckeye hockey gameday program vs. the U.S. National Under-18 Team Jan. 15.

Freshman Devon Krogh was a bright spot for the Buckeyes during the season’s first half. Despite a bout of homesickness, the defenseman from West Vancouver, British Columbia, made an immediate impact, recording a goal and four assists. He is also second on the team with a plus/minus of +9. Although Krogh’s father played professional football in Canada, he never thought about following in his footsteps. A team-first player, Krogh is looking for the Buckeyes to make a second half run.

You played with some of your current Buckeye teammates prior to coming to Ohio State. Did that familiarity help ease you into things once you arrived on campus?
“I played with Dalps and Schneids. We all committed around the same time. So we went into our junior seasons knowing we were all coming here. They came here early, so it really helped me with the transition as a freshman knowing a couple guys. They helped me move into my dorm and with some other stuff. It was good.”

Did you think you would step right in and have as much success as you’ve had the first half of the season?
“Honestly at first I didn’t know. I knew I had to come in and work hard and see where and how the coaches wanted me to play. I think I’ve embraced my role well so far and hopefully I can keep it going. Adjusting physically wasn’t too hard. We play two games a week and I was used to playing three or four times a week in juniors.”

How was the adjustment to college hockey and college itself?
“It’s a huge adjustment to make, even coming from Canada to America and living so far away from home. When I played in juniors I only lived four hours from home, so I saw my parents a lot. I was homesick at first, but it’s been a great experience so far and I’m really happy. I talk to my parents almost every day and they’ve been able to make it to two or three games.”

Was adjusting to classes and playing hockey difficult?
 “At first the time management part was tough for me. I had to learn that pretty quickly. I got the hang of things and did well last quarter. So far it’s gone pretty well. My courses weren’t the toughest to start. I have a little bit tougher course load this quarter, but after learning how to manage my time properly, I think I will do well.”

Your dad played in the Canadian Football League. Did he ever want you to play football instead of hockey?
“No, my dad never really pushed me to play football or any other sport. He took me out on the ice when I was 2 and ever since then, I’ve never looked back and have played hockey.”

How does the CFL compare to the NFL?
“There are three downs in the CFL, a lot more passing, the field is 110 yards long, it is one point for a touchback, and there are no fair catches so there are a lot of big hits on punts. I like both the CFL and NFL, though. I root for the B.C. Lions in Canada and the Colts in the NFL, so it has been a good year for me.”

What is your outlook on the second half of the season?
“I’d love to have personal success, but I’d rather have the team do well. We have 12 games left and our goal is to win every one of them. Hopefully we can make a run in the CCHA tournament and make it to the NCAA tournament.”