October 11, 2018

Canadian Thanksgiving in The Shoe


Ohio State University Athletics Director Gene Smith and his wife, Sheila Smith, hosted a Canadian Thanksgiving celebration on October 7 in Ohio Stadium for the student-athletes and coaches that hail from the Great White North.

Ohio State Buckeyes
"“It’s awesome to have this dinner here in the Shoe. I think that we’re all missing home a little bit at this time of year, and it’s different being in American school when all our friends and family who go to Canadian schools get to go home. I think this is a great way to bring Canadian athletes together. I’m really thankful for it.” – Emma Maltais (women's ice hockey)"

The student-athletes and coaches took turns speaking about where they’re from in Canada and some of their favorite things about their homeland 

Ohio State Buckeyes
Ohio State Buckeyes
"“Every year we encounter different people when we come here. It’s super cool to share this experience with people from our home country.” – Lisa Bruno (women's ice hockey)"