Aug. 22, 2000

%^$Split end Reggie Germany led Ohio State in receiving last year with 43 receptions. Flanker%^$ Ken-Yon Rambo was a close second with 41. Together, they accounted for 1,489 yards and seven%^$ touchdowns as first-year starters. But there was a dramatic drop-off after that. Tailback Michael Wiley%^$ was the next leading receiver with 14 receptions. No one else was in double figures.%^$

%^$ That should change this year.%^$

%^$ With Germany and Rambo both returning, the Buckeyes have a pair of established veterans on%^$ the flanks. Additionally, seniors Chad Cacchio and Vaness Provitt have had solid fall camps and%^$ seem poised for productive years. Throw in Drew Carter and Ricky Bryant, a pair of extremely talented%^$ redshirt freshmen, and the picture really brightens. And just for good measure, receivers’ coach Tim%^$ Salem has four very promising first-year players in Michael Jenkins, John Hollins Andrew Lee and%^$ Maurice Lee.%^$

%^$ “This is the deepest group of receivers we have had since I have been at Ohio State,” said%^$ Salem, now in his fourth season with the Buckeyes. “They are a very talented group as a whole. I like%^$ their athletic ability, their speed and their quickness. But what I like most is their attitude. They are all%^$ working to get better. Our seniors are showing great leadership, and the younger players are working%^$ hard to learning the system.%^$

%^$ “Ken-Yon and Reggie are our starters, but it doesn’t stop there in terms of talent. I think the%^$ competition has made everyone better.”%^$

%^$ The Buckeyes practiced twice on Monday in preparation for their upcoming season opener,%^$ Sept. 2, against visiting Fresno State.%^$

%^$ “We had good practices today,” said head coach John Cooper. “The hot weather has helped us%^$ from the standpoint of conditioning and the players are working very hard.”